Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big Brother: Nick Plays, Amber Prays, and Daniele Wins the Veto

We're less than a week into this season of Big Brother, and I'm already hooked. God, I'm such a sucker for reality tv!

So much to discuss about last night's episode:

-Why, when Kail worked her ass off to get Head of Household this week, was she so content on being as inoffensive as possible in her nominations? If she was really that concerned about having a target on her back, she should've thrown the HOH competition like 80% of the rest of the house. And did she really need to trash everyone's stuff while she was looking for the veto?She's starting to bug me.

-But she's not bugging me nearly as much as Jen, who, let's face it, is completely ridiculous. Those shirts? The things that come out of her mouth? The fact that she straight-up lied about Nick having tried to kiss her? Get this girl out of here -- stat.

-Eric -- nice work on the sob story. I'm impressed.

-Daniele -- nice work on winning the veto. I'm impressed.

-Dustin -- what's up with the very low-cut V-neck shirts? I can't really handle them.

-How about Amber, praying to God to "do the right thing." Really, Amber? You think God is up there watching Big Brother, and that he's already decided what "the right thing" is? Despite the fact that she's a bit of a mess, I kinda love Amber. I always love the trainwreck.

-And then there's Nick, everyone's favorite player...and by "player" I mean "play-uh" more than "player." Catch my drift? I loved the montage of him flirting with every single girl in the house, but I must say I'm confused why CBS chose not to show (a) his hot tub confession of having performed oral sex on a guy (click here if you don't know what I'm talking about), or (b) his extended flirtations with Joe. Yes, there was a shot of Joe and Nick sitting at the veto competition with their legs and arms around one another, and yes, they showed Nick saying "or a boy -- question mark?" when Carol asked which girl he would end up with, but come on CBS! The blogosphere has been buzzing about this all week -- throw us a bone and acknowledge that we know what is happening!

My gut is telling me Carol (who keeps talking about fighting, but hasn't actually done any of it yet) will get the boot tomorrow night, but I guess we'll have to tune in and see. Can't wait!

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