Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Spoilers for Tomorrow's So You Think You Can Dance - Top 14

Is anyone else experiencing So You Think You Can Dance withdrawl? I'm not okay with this 2 week break!

Luckily, our favorite dancers are back tomorrow night for some action.

SPOILERS -- Don't read if you want to be surprised!

Here are the dance styles that will be performed...

1. Lacey and Kameron — Hustle
2. Shauna and Cedric — Mambo
3. Anya and Danny — Contemporary
4. Sara and Pasha — West Coast Swing (choreographed by Benji Schwimmer!)
5. Sabra and Dominic — Hip-Hop
6. Jaimie and Hok — Waltz
7. Lauren and Neil — Jazz (choreographed by Wade Robson)

In addition, Hairspray director Adam Shenkman will be a guest judge, and will choreograph a group number for Thursday's show to the film's "You Can't Stop the Beat." Hilary Duff will also perform on Thursday's show.

Several interesting things here, including Benji's debut as a choreographer, Jaimie and Hok attempting the waltz (that should be interesting), Lacey and Kameron bringing their off-screen hustle to the stage, Danny getting to perform in his own style, and D-Trix getting to tackle hip hop. Personally, I'm most looking forward to Lauren and Neil -- if they can't bring it this week, in a number choreographed by Wade Robson, then there is no hope for these two, no matter how pretty they are.

Your thoughts?

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Sean said...

Being a canuck I hadn't anticipated the july 4th break and I too have been in serious withdrawl. I can't wait to see Benji as a choreographer.
We know he's got personality, but what are his teaching skills like. Luckily he has the advantage of knowing exactly what sort of mind set and situation these dancers are in when they walk into the room.
I'm also quite interested to see if Anya has the movement skills to pull off a quality modern piece.

nick said...

I, for one, am SICK of seeing Benji all over this season. He's like that guy who graduated from high school, but still hangs around the building everyday. The desperation to hold on to his fifteen minutes is bordering on pathetic.

Michael said...

I agree! Neil needs to bring it this week or he needs to be let go. He has yet to impress me and I am getting tired of him barely hanging on.

Sean said...

While I have no special live for him, I'd be happy to have Neil stay if it meant Cedric finally left this competition. While I blame the judges for him still being here even though the public did vote him safe lasttime. It continues to not be fair to the better dancers that the american public's rebuke of the judges means skilled dancers go home in his place.

Allyson said...

I will be interested to hear what the judges have to say (if they have anything left to say) to Cedric, as I think they all were expecting him to be gone by now. I hope he does better than he has in a different dance style, especially for Shauna's sake. I think Lauren and Neil will be great in the jazz routine because it is both (not just one) of their strengths. Dominic and Sabra should be great in hip hop as well! If Anya does not do well on the contemporary routine, she may be one of the next girls to leave...

Steph said...

Total Withdrawal! I can't wait for tonight's show.. So Danny gets to perform alone?