Thursday, July 19, 2007

Idol Thoughts on the Emmy Nominations - Friday Night Lights Snubbed!

Every year I get excited for the Emmy nominations, and every year I am disappointed. Damn Television Academy!

Here are my thoughts on this years nods:

The Very Good
- Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths picking up nominations for Brothers & Sisters
- Denis Leary grabbing a Best Actor nomination for Rescue Me
- TR Knight, Chandra Wilson, Sandra Oh, and Katherine Heigl dominating the supporting categories from Grey's Anatomy
- Neil Patrick Harris getting a first time nomination for How I Met Your Mother
- Wade Robson and Mia Michaels getting recognized for their stellar work on So You Think You Can Dance

The Good
- Entourage as a contender for Best Comedy, and Kevin Dillon joining Jeremy Piven in the Best Supporting Actor race
- Jenna Fisher making her debut in the Emmy hunt for The Office
- The Starter Wife's surprisingly strong showing, including nods for Debra Messing, Joe Mantegna, and Judy Davis
- Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List receiving a second consecutive nomination
- Mary Louise Parker grabbing 2 nominations -- one for Weeds and one for the TV movie The Robber Bride

The Boring
- All of the Boston Legal love. Gimme a break!
- Two and a Half Men instead of Scrubs?
- Tony Shaloub for Monk? Mariska Hargitay for Law and Order: SVU? Patricia Arquette for Medium? Been there, done that.

The Egregious
- No Friday Nights Love? Unacceptable! Where's the Best Drama nomination? Where is Kyle Chandler? Connie Britton? Zach Gilford? I'm livid.
- Where is Lost's Best Drama nomination? Where are Matthew Fox, Elizabeth Mitchell and Dominic Monaghan? (Although it's good to see Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson get recognized for their work)
- What about The Shield? Walton Goggins? CCH Pounder?
- Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham snubbed again!
- Weeds' Justin Kirk missing out on a nomination, despite nods for co-stars Mary Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins
- The Wire, the best show on TV, once again completely ignored

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Anonymous said...

No nomination for Kristen Bell for Veronica Mars????