Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don't Forget the Lyrics Doesn't Match The Singing Bee's Numbers

Two nights, two very similar shows. So which one came out on top?

Fox's Don't Forget the Lyrics didn't even come close to matching the stellar debut numbers of NBC's The Singing Bee, bringing in about 8 million viewers, which was 6 million less than it's competitor, and 500K less than the final hour of So You Think You Can Dance. Check back in a little bit for my thoughts on the Wayne Brady hosted Don't Forget the Lyrics.

The top five shows in the Nielsen ratings last night were:

1. CSI, 8.5 million
2. Don't Forget the Lyrics, 8.16 million
3. So You Think You Can Dance, 7.5 million
4. America's Got Talent, 7.45 million
5. Criminal Minds, 7.2 million

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Numbers courtesy of Marc Berman at Mediaweek

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