Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spoilers for This Week's SYTYCD - Top 8

We're getting down to the nitty gritty now on So You Think You Can Dance, with the Top 8 each performing two dances this week.

SPOILERS -- if you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

Here are the pairings and dance styles for this week's show:

Danny and Sara:
Argentine Tango
Hip Hop

Dominic and Lauren:

Lacey and Neil:
Latin Jazz
Contemporary (by Mia Michaels!)

Pasha and Sabra:

A few thoughts:

-This is the second time both Lacey and Neil will have gotten to work with Mia -- an unfair advantage?
-This is also the second time Dominic will be tackling the rumba
-Pasha should be able to nail the quickstep, but how will he take to the razzle-dazzle of Broadway?
-Danny and Sara should be an interesting pairing -- he's got tons of techinical experience, and she's got practically none.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting!!!

I've been itching to know what pairings and styles will be danced ALL week!! Now I can finally relax. *aawww*

What i'm looking forward to:
-Krump. I absolutley ADORED Travis and Martha's krump last year. Hopefully Dom and Lauren can be just as great.
-Contemparory and latin jazz. I just love Neil. Nothing else needs to be said.
-Sabra doing broadway. Should be fun.

See what happens on Wendesday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting!! I too have been anxiously waiting all week for this. Do you know who the choreographers are for the dances?

Anonymous said...

You said that 'Danny and Sara should be an interesting pairing -- he's got tons of techinical experience, and she's got practically none.' Just wanted to let you know that from Sara's words on the first of the top 20 shows... she says... she has been a b-girl for two years but before that she did everything: ballet, tap, modern and jazz.
Sorry. It just annoys me that the producers try to portray some of the dancers as having no experience when almost all of them have been dancing numerous styles for all of their lives.

Anonymous said...

Dom should do fine with krumping this week, I hope, it's around his style of dancing & he's already done a Rumba. Lauren on the other hand should be praying since it seems like she's most likely to go home due to her lack of popularity.

Sabra doing Broadway will be fabulous since she can do anything. Now Pasha doing Broadway should be interesting....

Danny & Sara.....umm Sara should be carefull, Danny is the best guy dancer left & he could possibly outshine her.

Neil will do great this week, he lucked out with dance choices. I'm curious to see how good Lacey will do because she has another Contemporary routine w/ Mia but it should be harder than the last one she did. Plus I'm not quite sure if she could handle it.