Monday, July 16, 2007

Is Big Brother's Jen Smarter Than She Looks?

Is Big Brother's Jen smarter than she looks?

Um, probably not.

I will say, however, that she didn't make bad choices as to who to nominate this week -- at least in terms of keeping herself in the game as long as possible. She and Evil Dick have rubbed each other the wrong way from the beginning, so that was kind of a no-brainer, and Daniele and she are clearly competing for the same spot in the house, so it makes sense Jen would want to get rid of her.

Having said that, and having given Jen just a wee bit of credit for ably looking out for her own self interests, I'm hoping both Daniele and Dick are able to save themselves, because their dynamic is one of the most interesting things about the house so far this season. I actually don't think Daniele is that much smarter than Jen, but based on her relationship with her father and her burgeoning flirtation with Nick, Daniele might not need intellect or strategy to wind up being a fascinating member of the house. I think it would be a shame if she got the boot this early. As for Evil, if nothing else his willingness to tell Jen what he really thinks about her makes him worth keeping around.

Back to Jen for a moment -- can I just say, the looks on the faces of the other houseguests when it was revealed that Jen had won Head of Household were priceless, and the drinking game that seems to have developed around whenever Jen says "I" is hysterical. And how about Photo Meltdown Part 2? This girl is a trainwreck!

A few other notes about last night's episode:

-Even though Eric was not successful in trying to convince Jen to nominate America's Choice Jessica, I am encouraged by the country's decision to want to get rid of the bleach-blonde airhead.

-Joe needs to tone it down a notch, or he is gonna find himself flung from this house so quick he won't know what hit him. Why bother trying to get rid of Dustin at this point? People seem to really like Dustin (including me!), so all he is doing is making himself look petty and foolish.

-If I hear Amber mention again that God put her on the block, in an attempt to "make her stronger," I'm gonna scream. Honey, God didn't put you on the block -- Kail did.

So, here's rooting for Daniele or Evil to win the veto this week, and take themselves off the block!

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