Monday, May 07, 2007

Eric and Danielle Win The Amazing Race: All Stars

It came down to the final road block, but Eric and Danielle emerged victorious as the winners of Amazing Race: All Stars.

What a strange season! Rob and Amber, who were my personal favorites (I can't help it!) and easily the frontrunners coming into the competition, were eliminated four weeks in (much to my disappointment). Fan-favorites Joyce and Uchenna and Danny and Oswald faltered early. Charla and Mirna, on the other hand, came into the competition as somewhat of a joke, and ended up finishing #3! Bizarro, indeed!

As for the winners, I can't say I'm happy with the results -- I was pushing for Charla and Mirna at the end, and, failing that, I was prepared to accept a Dustin and Kandice vistory (even if they did strangely turn on each other on the last leg), but Eric and Danielle? They bickered throughout the season, and didn't seem to even like each other very much, with made it a bit difficult for me, as a viewer, to root for them. It's a bit ironic that the final roadblock required "knowing" your partner, and Danielle and Eric, who have known each other for the least amount of time, came out on top. But as anyone who watches reality tv regularly knows, it was as much about luck as it was about skill, and after bad luck thoughout (two yields, bad airplane luck) lady luck finally shined on Danielle and Eric.

Ah well. Another season of the Race bites the dust.

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nick said...

I SO wanted Charla and Mirna to win. Mirna cracks me up!

And how disappointing to see a cameo by Jeremy at the end via Eric's phone call. He used to be so cute. What the hell happened there?!