Friday, May 04, 2007

Is the Kelly Clarkson Album Scrapped Rumor Just That -- A Rumor?

There have been rumors flying today that Kelly Clarkson's album was so hated by Clive Davis and RCA that she has been forced to scrap the album and head back into the studio to record new tracks. I have resisted posting on this, as I was hoping it was just that -- a rumor.

Now, according to a post-er at the Kelly Clarkson Express (a fan site for Kelly), it seems that it might just be a rumor after all. While the post-er, screenname jmloveskc, could prove to be as unreliable as the stories that are currently circulating around the web, I'm hoping he's right. And, truth be told, the evidence does seem to support him -- after all, her new single "Never Again" just debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #8. The post-er writes:

"Rumors, Rumors, Rumors......

With the new CD scrapped [rumors], I thought I should call [both sides of Kelly's camp] again. I just got off the phone with one of my contacts, and nothing has changed. The research on ["Never Again," her new single] is excellent. They are really pleased that she was #8 on the Hot 100, and #8 without any promo. Kelly herself has told us all in radio interviews that the CD is going to drop in summer, so please listen to her, if you don't want to believe me. The only reason a date has not been anounced is because they are still finalizing a few things, and deciding what week will be the best week to drop the CD. They don't want to give a date now, just in case it needs to be changed again. Everyone is now excited about the CD, and are definately behind Kelly's music 100%. I guess they decided they like the Pat Benatar sound.

PLEASE BE PATIENT, and continue to request NA!!!!!"

Time will tell which rumors prove to be true and which prove to be false...

**UPDATE: The following was just posted on Hits Daily Double:
Despite rumor-mongering from the U.K. Daily Star and other online sources, there is no dispute between Kelly Clarkson and the RCA Music Group. These rumors began after the SBMG International meetings in Las Vegas a couple of weeks back and were based on an inaccurate report about Clive Davis' presentation of Kelly's new LP at the confab. Sources who were there insist the chatter is not true. In fact, Davis specifically stated that Kelly is “one of the top four artists at Sony BMG” and wanted to ensure that she is treated as such. There are absolutely no plans to scrap the LP. Meanwhile, Richard Palmese's promo team is working round the clock to deliver Kelly's first single, “Never Again,” to trigger the release of what all are convinced is a chart-topping album. (5/4p)

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Emily said...

love the new single and can't wait for the album!!!!!