Friday, May 04, 2007

Top 20 Performances of the Season

With only three weeks remaining until our new winner is crowned, I thought it might be a good time to revisit my list of the 20 Best Performances of the Season.

Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle lead all contestants with four performances each, with Jordin grabbing three of the Top 10 spots. Interestingly, while three of Jordin's performances came from the Top 12, only one of Melinda's has been since the boys and girls merged on the bigger stage. In fact, Melinda's highest ranked performance in the Top 12 comes from "inspirational songs" night two weeks ago (at #15).

Blake Lewis, meanwhile, has two songs in the top 5, with a third just outside of the top 10, while LaKisha Jones has two in the Top 10 and third at #14. Recently eliminated contestants Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson have two and one entries on the chart, respectively.

Another interesting note -- nine of the top 20 come from Semifinals performances, while seven of the Top 20 occurred in the past three weeks. That means only four of the Top 20 songs occurred between the Top 12 and the Top 7.

Here's the does it differ from your Top 20?

1 Jordin Sparks I Who Have Nothing Top 11
2 Blake Lewis You Give Love a Bad Name Top 6/5
3 Melinda Doolittle My Funny Valentine SF #2
4 LaKisha Jones And I Am Telling You SF #1
5 Blake Lewis Time of the Seasons Top 11
6 Jordin Sparks Broken Wing Top 7
7 Melinda Doolittle Woman SF #3
8 Jordin Sparks You'll Never Walk Alone Top 6
9 LaKisha Jones God Bless The Child Top 12
10 Gina Glocksen I'll Stand By You Top 10
11 Sabrina Sloan Never Loved a Man SF #1
12 Chris Richardson Geek in the Pink SF #2
13 Blake Lewis Somewhere Only We Know SF #1
14 LaKisha Jones Ain't A Love Song Top 6/5
15 Melinda Doolittle There Will Come A Day Top 6
16 Phil Stacey Where the Black Top Ends Top 7
17 Melinda Doolittle Since You Been Gone SF #1
18 Chris Sligh Trouble SF #2
19 Jordin Sparks Heartbreaker SF #3
20 Phil Stacey Blaze of Glory Top 6/5


Anonymous said...

I really would have ranked And I'm Telling You, higher than that. It was spine-tinglingly good. I agree with most all of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Blake Lewis "You give love a bad name" is my number 1. In my opinion is has been the one and only "moment" of AI6.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Edwards' - How Come You Don't Call Me belongs somewhere on the last, still one of the most memorable performances of the season to me.

Lisa said...

I would never ever ever rank "I Who Have Nothing" higher than "You Give Love A Bad Name" or "My Funny Valentine". It was definitely Jordin's best performance, but not better than those two, IMO. She's a great talent, but she is just not as polished as she could be.

Anonymous said...

More Melinda.

I Got Rhythm.

Anonymous said...

LaKisha's "And I'm Telling You" has been the show stopper of the season and should be ranked at number one.

I would rank "I Who Have Nothing" at number 2 definitely. Time of the Season isn't a top 5 performance. Jordin's Broken Wing and You'll Never Walk Alone are also grossly overrated. As is Blake's last performance and his SF#1 performance.

Melinda and LaKisha have had the most amazing performances this season.

Eric Aniversario said...

My Top 5:

1. Chris Richardson - Geek In The Pink
2. Nicole Tranquillo - Stay
3. Lakisha Jones - And I Am Telling You
4. Gina Glocksen - I'll Stand By You
5. AJ Tabaldo - Never Too Much

Anonymous said...

I rank the top five this way:
1. "And I am Telling You"
2. "My Funny Valentine"
3. "Time of the Seasons"
4. "You Give Love a Bad Name"
5. "Ain't a Love Song"

Anonymous said...

1. "This Ain't A Love Song" LaKisha
2. "I Who Have Nothing" Jordin
3. "Since You've Been Gone" Melinda
4. "Geek In The Pink" Chris R
5. "Where The Blacktop Ends" Phil
6. "Have A Nice Day" Melinda
7. "A Broken Wing" Jordin
8. "Trouble Is A Woman" Melinda
9. "The Change" Phil
10. "I Need To Know" Blake

Anonymous said...

Elliott Yamin's version of "Home" is my number one! Good lord, he makes me melt.