Sunday, September 02, 2007

Do the Veto Results Mean Big Brother's Eric and Jessica Are Doomed This Week?

Just last week it seemed hooking up with the dastardly Donatos might take Big Brother's Eric and Jessica to the final 4. All of a sudden, though, one or both of them is in serious jeopardy. And who would have guessed Zach winning HOH would be the cause?

Here's the deal (SPOILERS AHEAD) --

The nominees are Jessica and Jameka, and Daniele has won the veto competition. While Dick and Daniele have pledged their allegiance to Jess and Eric, we all know they will drop that alliance the moment a better option comes up. And for them, Zach may be that better option,

See, Zach is a free agent, whereas Jess and Eric are looking out for each other. Factor in the fact that if Jess or Eric goes this week, Dick and Daniele will only have to compete for HOH with the player who stays, since Zach and Jameka would both be ineligible to play.

And let's be honest, it would be silly to get rid of Jameka at this point, when she is still not a threat to anyone in the game. and since only 3 votes will be cast, the twosome of Dick and Daniele will be able to determine who goes home.

That's a long way of saying, if Daniele and Dick want Jessica gone, she'll be gone. And if the two and Zach decide Eric would be a better evictee, Daniele could simply use the veto to remove Jameka, and Eric will be gone.

Jess and Eric, get your kisses in while you can!

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Sue said...

SPOILERS and speculation.

Quite possibly. If Dick and Daniele are convinced that they will be in the final 2 together they may be willing to have Daniele exercise the power of veto and count on Zach to nominate Eric. This is, however, a risky scenario.

To begin with, Zach might choose to nominate Dick. Under normal, non-America's player, conditions, Dick's nomination would be a sure eviction for Dick.

Second, if Dick and Daniele succeed in getting Eric and Jessica both nominated now, they can probably only win against each other as it is possible Jessica will take the nominations and evictions personally.

Thirdly, Jameka may have 3 votes already sitting in the jury house and Jessica is almost as popular with the evictees. Dick and Daniele probably do not want to risk having either Jessica or Jameka in the final 3.

Therefore, the least risky option is for Daniele not to use the power of veto. They then have the next few days to decide which of their 2 most likable opponents to evict. If I were them, I'd probably evict Jessica now and risk Eric's and Jessica's wrath. This gives Dick and Daniele their best chance to win the next HoH. That way, they have 2 of the 3 players eligble to compete for the next HoH, and they have eliminated one of the 2 most liked players.

If Dick or Daniele wins the next HoH, they can nominate Eric and Jameka. Dick and Daniele's biggest risk at that time would be that Zack wins power of Veto and removes one of the nominees (preferably Jameka). Dick and Daniele would then lose control and one of them may be evicted. If Dick and Daniele can, their best choice is to evict Jameka and leave Eric and Zack in the final 4. If Jessica is evicted this week, Jameka would be a virtual lock to win if she is in the final 2.

Zach is a wild card in all this. I think Zack may be learning some strategy. While Zach claims he does not expect to win, he is probably aware that he has a chance of winning against either Dick or Eric. On the other hand, Zach and Daniele have an easy relationship when the 2 of them are alone together.

The basic question comes down to who Dick and Daniele feel they can trust and who trusts them. Also, they must factor in likely jury votes especially if only one of them makes the final 2.

By the way, I think this season is tainted by Eric's being America's player and Dick and Daniele's being staunch allies rather than enemies, that there are few worthy winners. Daniele's being under age is also a black mark. Dick has said at least twice on the feeds that he applied for season 6. I believe he and Daniele hoped to be partners in that season. If Jameka, Jessica or Zack does not win, I consider the whole season to be a fraud on the other contestants and on America.

By the way, has Big Brother considered having allstrangers enter the house as the twist? This hasn't happened since Season 3.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea of bringing in supposedly hated former friends, lovers or family members has been a total waste this season. It was also unfair because not everyone had the same situation at the beginning. With Father and Daughter now working together as opposed to despising each other, they will vote as a block while in the house and if both are sent to sequester. If one is in the final two and the other in sequester, one already has an edge in the voting: it just isn't fair. The people who set up this season really blew it with this idea. And, America's Player has been a bad joke.

This whole season has been far less entertaining than the previous three seasons. We needed another Janelle - the best player not to have won the game - and we're not seeing her. This batch of contestants has been very disappointing.

I would like to see a season with a crossover type of cast from other reality shows. Here's a question for the producers: how about developing a season with only former Survivor players? Rob and Amber in the house would be good for a laugh, I'm sure. You could also try a season with formerly married couples who went through a bitter divorce. Another idea would be to have just one gender in the house so you would have an all female cast one season and all male the next.

Whatever you (the producers) have in mind for future seasons, you could hardly do worse than this one.