Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Top 4 - Who is Going Home Tonight on American Idol?

Yes, it's time once again to try and figure out who will be going home tonight, joining the illustrious company of former 4th place finishers Tamyra Gray, Josh Gracin, Latoya London, Anthony Fedorov, and Chris Daughtry.

As I have done since the beginning of the Top 12, I think the best way to make a prediction as to who is going to get kicked off tonight is by process of elimination -- figure out who is most likely to be safe, and go from there.

I've identified three zones: Green (safe), Yellow (not on solid ground), and Red (danger danger danger!) Here goes...

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Green Zone: Safe
I know I said last week there probably wouldn't be a Green Zone this week, since no one would be totally assured of being safe, but, well, I changed my mind, because one contestant isn't going anywhere tonight -- Blake Lewis. Even though he had arguably the night's weakest performances, the goodwill he engendered from last week's showstopping "You Give Love a Bad Name" combined with the fact that he will likely have picked up a ton of votes from Chris Richardson fans, means the beatboxing wonder is the only sure thing in the Top 3.

Yellow Zone: Not on solid ground
In my opinion, Jordin was the strongest of the evening last night, but that's not actually saying much considering the ho-hum quality of most of the performances. While I do feel like a bit of Jordin backlash is starting to brew, I think the young'in will most likely stay alive at least one more week.

Red Zone: Danger! Danger! Danger!
That leaves us with Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones -- in my opinion the likeliest candidates for the Bottom 2 tonight.

This is Melinda's first appearance in the Red Zone, and, unfortunately for her, it couldn't come at a worst time. Having not appeared in the Bottom 3 all season (like Tamyra Gray before her) she seems like she will be safe, and we all know what that leads to -- voter complacency. Couple that with two solid but not wow-worthy performances, and we could end up with the biggest surprise of Season 6 -- a Melinda-less Top 3.

More likely to get the boot, however, is LaKisha Jones. If LaKisha had come out last night and wow'ed us, she had a real shot of knocking Melinda off. As is, however, she was just-okay, and she didn't give the kind of giant-slaying Top 4 performances necessary to really inspire voters to pick up the phone (think Elliott Yamin's amazing performances last year). She's had a good run, but I think it's time for Kiki to go.

So there it is...LaKisha Jones is getting the boot.



Nancy said...

welll i dont like BLAKE
i think he should be going
before LAKISHA

Nancy said...

Jordin was the strongest of the evening last night

she is going to win this year

Anonymous said...

I think Blake gave the weakest performance..vocally he is very weak.He tends to use beatboxing to distract from his weak vocals.Melina has been the consistently best performer..Jordan a distant second..Lakisha (without any experience except church)ia doing better vocally than Blake.