Friday, May 11, 2007

Ranking the 4th Place Finishers

Now that we have gotten to the Top 4, rankings become much more subjective -- all of these contestants were great, it's now just a matter of personal taste. Remember, these rankings are determined on American Idol performances only, not on what the contestants have accomplished since their time on the show.

1. Tamyra Gray (Season 1)
Best Known For: Immersing herself in each week's theme; shocking elimination
Best Performance: "If I Were Your Woman," "A House is Not A Home," "Minnie the Moocher"
Worst Performance: Only one that was even remotely bad: "New Attitude"
Post-AI: Released a CD; appeared on "Boston Public" and in the movie The Gospel; appeared on Broadway in Bombay Dreams and will return as Mimi in Rent later this month

2. Latoya London (Season 3)
Best Known For: One of Season 3's Three Divas; soaring voice; shocking elimination
Best Performance: "All By Myself," "Somewhere"
Worst Performance: Nothing terrible, just a bit boring: "Ooh Baby Baby," "Love You Inside and Out"
Post AI: Released a CD; currently appearing in the Chicago production of The Color Purple as Celie's sister Nettie

3. Chris Daughtry (Season 5)
Best Known For: The show's first authentic rock contestant; shocking elimination
Best Performance: "Wanted, Dead or Alive," "Hemmorhage," "Walk the Line"
Worst Performance: "Innuendo"
Post AI: Debut CD still in the Top 10 nearly six months after it's release; joins Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood as one of the most successful former contestants

4. LaKisha Jones (Season 6)
Best Known For: Huge gospel voice; emotional backstory
Best Performance: "And I Am Telling You," "God Bless the Child," "This Ain't a Love Song"
Worst Performance: "Jesus Takes the Wheel"
Post AI: We'll see...

5. Josh Gracin (Season 2)
Best Known For: The show's first country contestant; being a marine
Best Performance: "I'll Be," "To Love Somebody"
Worst Performance: "Celebration"
Post AI: Released a successful country CD, featuring three Top 5 hits; new album in stores later this summer

6. Anthony Fedorov (Season 4)
Best Known For: His "born in Ukraine"/early childhood tracheotomy backstory
Best Performance: "I Surrender," "If You Don't Know Me By Now"
Worst Performance:
Post AI: Escorted Carrie Underwood to the ACM Awards; currently appearing Off-Broadway in The Fantasticks

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Lisa said...

I have to say... when Anthony Fedorov is the worst 4th place finisher, 4th place isn't a bad place to be! He was certainly not one of the best in Idol history, but he was a technically good singer, just not a great all-around performer.

Lakisha is in good company, that's for sure!

Rachel said...

Wow, this is just such an amazing bunch of singers, isn't it! How do you chose the best between Tamyra and Latoya? And then throw Chris into the mix and WOW! As another poster said, when your worst is Fedorov, you know it's not bad.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think Anthony is one of the sweetest and most talented people to ever come off Idol, and he made season 4 very special indeed. He has also had a tremendous impact on me personally, and that, by definition, is the very essence of an American Idol. I am proud to call Anthony Fedorov my hero and my American Idol.

Anonymous said...

Hey, from all these Idol, tha last one on yout list is the FIRST on my list!
Anthony is and always be my most favourite Idol; with his amazing, golden voice and great personality he will the one who will be heard the most.
Remember my words!

Anonymous said...

"The show's first authentic rock contestant"

Wrong. Bo was the first and Chris's inspiration to tryout.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Anthony Fedorov!
For the others I don't care!

Anonymous said...

Anthony is DEFINATLEY my favorite 4th placer! He is AMAZING!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anthony Is the best of the group,I'd put Chris in the bottom of that list. Anthony has Gods gift and it gets no better than that.

Anonymous said...

Chris was the first Authentic Rocker? He's as real as press on nails.
Bo was authentic till he became a sell out