Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Am Telling You She Is Going: LaKisha Eliminted from American Idol

It occurred to me as I watching tonight's American Idol results show, that perhaps I have been a little hard on this season' contestants. I still believe that none of them are capable of selling records on the level of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, or Chris Daughtry, this year's Top 4 is a pretty spectacular group of singers and performers. Sure, they all have their weaknesses, but they all have thier own unique strengths too, and utlimately they are a pretty diverse and talented lot.

All of that is a long way of leading up to saying -- I'm sad to see LaKisha go. Even though she was an instant frontrunner from the first time she set foot on the Idol stage, I think it was her time to go, and, truth be told, I'm excited about the Top 3 showdown between Melinda, Blake, and Jordin, which will no doubt be fierce. But especially after being reminded of her backstory during the "get to know the contestants" segment (which, had it aired on Tuesday's show, might have actually affected the outcome of the votes), I have decided that LaKisha truly is a wonder. I mean, without a lick of training, she sassily provided us with some of this season's best performances, including "And I Am Telling You," "God Bless the Child," and "This Ain't a Love Song." Yes, it was her time, but she will be missed.

On a different note, a few questions to think about for next week:
-Is it just me, or does Jordin seem to be a bit cocky about her newly discovered frontrunner status? Will it backfire?
-Will Blake's Bottom 2 showing actually increase his chances of getting to the finale?
-Or does the fact that neither Jordin or Melinda has found themselves in the Bottom2 all season meaning they will coast into the Kodak?

And did we really need that performance from Barry Gibb? Pink, I love, always have, always will (even though she was a bit muted in this pre-recorded performance). But didn't we hear enough Barry Gibb songs, between last night's performances, the interminabe group medley, and then from the mouth of the man himself? Oy.

Good luck to you, Kiki.


glennethph said...

They never really announced that Blake & Lakisha were the bottom 2. If DialIdol and this research survey thingy (it actually uses some sort of exit poll or something, like the elections, I think), Blake actually edged out That'sSoJordin for first place, and it's Melinda was in B2 with Kiki.

But hey, they're going to sabotage anyone except for Jordin next week. That's why I'm hoping Mindy and Blake bring it so it'll make crowning Jordin suspect.

tim said...

Seeing Kiki go was very predictable but also a little emotional since you can tell this is a woman who has been through a lot of tough times and not used to having wonderful things happen to her. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a much better life for her and her daughter. If she can just recapture the spark that we saw early on in "And I'm Tellin' You I'm Not Leavin'", then success will surely come to her. Of course, she will also need good support and guidance too. God Bless This Child.

nick said...

Broke my heart that Pink's mic was muted and you could only really hear the backup singers. Love Pink.