Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dance Like A Butterfly -- Dancing with the Stars Performances

Here we go again... Dancing with the Stars Top 5:

Ian and Cheryl
Ian is totally heartbreaking. He wants so badly to do well, but, ultimately, he just isn't that good. And, as long as I'm being totally honest, I think Cheryl Burke could have more chemistry with a chair than she has with Ian. I didn't actually think the fox trot was quite as bed as the judges did, but it certainly wasn't smooth and elegant. Their rumba was probably their best dance of the competition, but it still left me cold. I think we may have seen the last of Steve Sanders.

My Grades: 7 and 8

Joey and Kym
Joey is clearly a frontrunner in this competition, but I think he took a few steps back this evening. Joey minus razzle dazzle? Kinda boring. Their waltz was technically proficient, I suppose, but it was bo-o-o-ring. Their mambo shoud have been a return to form for Joey (and some of that choreography looked suspiciously 'nsync-esque), but it felt sloppy and rushed to me. Not Joey's best night.

My Grades: 8 and 8

Billy Ray and Karina
While it's totally adorable to see how badly Billy Ray wants to make Karina proud of him, I am so over watching him simply walk around the stage, pretending like he is dancing. I'm not sure I would agree with Bruno that the fox trot was "deliciously awful" -- I'd go with just plain awful. And the mambo? Embarrassing. I mean, Billy Ray looks like a fool out there (although that face-first dive through Karina's legs was pretty cool). America, please put this guy out of his (and our) misery!

My Grades: 5 and 6

Laila and Max
It's nice to see "the greatest" in the audience cheering on his daughter (and if that kiss she blew to her father during the waltz doesn't earn her a trip to the Top 4, nothing will). Laila looked absolutely gorgeous during her waltz, and it was elegant, although I can't say it was the most inspiring dancing I've seen her do. And while her jive was, as Carrie Ann said, clever and fun, she just didn't seem as light on her feet as someone doing the jive should. Poor Max, though -- getting scolded for his choreography! The guy is working his butt off, cut him some slack!

My Grades: 8 and 8

Apolo and Julianne
If I haven't made it clear in previous weeks, I'm gonna go ahead and spell it out for y'all -- Apolo is my favorite, and I have a huge crush on him (that beanie cap -- totally adorable). I love how seriously he and Julianne are taking the competition -- like the true athlete he is, he is pushing himself to be the very best he can possibly be. And their hard work paid off -- their tango was sharp, sexy, and super-energetic, and their Latin dance was passionate, dramatic, and extremely well danced. I loved nearly every moment of both dances.

My Grades: 9 and 10

Overall, Apolo and Julianne were far and away my favorites of the evening, followed, at a pretty significant distance, by Laila and Max and then Joey and Kym. The worst of the evening was, of course, Billy Ray and Karina, but I'm guessing Ian and Cheryl will get the boot, ending Cheryl's Dancing with the Stars winning streak. Guess we'll see...

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