Thursday, May 03, 2007

"He's My Best Friend": Phil and Chris Eliminted From American Idol

When I finished watching last week's "results" show, I felt manipulated and angry, and, of course, a little fulfilled from having donated to charity.

When I finished watching this week's results show, I felt like I had watched some of the most gripping, bizarre, emotional stuff that television has to offer.

What a difference a week makes.

This week's results show had it all -- let's list it's gloriously entertaining attributes:

-The bizarre exchange between Simon and Ryan regarding a puppet and Simon's girlfriend (and, for the record, I don't think Ryan was calling them one and the same). If ever there was a moment that proved their banter is not scripted, it was this one, because the subsequent misunderstanding was so awkward, it could only have been unintentional. You gotta love live television.

-Bon Jovi's freakishly amazing performance. I loved it. That band is gonna sell a while lot of record this week.

-Robin Thicke. I love that song, and I love/it freaks me out that he looks like his dad so much. I definitely have moments where I think, why is Mr. Seaver singing all sexy like that?

-The blatant pimping of Blake. I'm okay with this, because I love the guy, but it must have been repeated a half dozen times how innovative and extraordinary his performance was. I think the producers and Seacrest have taken a liking to the kid.

Then there were the eliminations. As I wrote about earlier (read Idol Producer Says Tonight's Results are Not Shocking') I had gathered that Phil and Chris might get the boot (it's unclear which is the 5th place finisher and which is the 6th place finisher), but I was still a bit surprised that LaKisha was able to gather enough votes over the past two weeks to outlast a resurgent Phil. At least he went out in a "Blaze of Glory," so to speak, and he just might have a country music career ahead of him. And to top it all off, he got to have the "farewell tour" through the audience he's been itching to have for weeks. We'll miss ya Phil.

Which brings us to the emotional part of the evening -- the love affair between Chris and Blake. It's become increasingly clear over the past several weeks that these two cuties have become tight, and their affection for each other was so genuine that it actually brought a tear for my eye. When Chris adorably said "We are best friends," I almost lost it -- it was like they were 8 years old all over again.

I'm glad it was Chris who got the boot, but I'll miss his ridiculously charming smile. Maybe I will have to go to that tour after all...


Anonymous said...

When Chris adorably said "We are best friends," I almost lost it -- it was like they were 8 years old all over again.

I thought is was pathetic... "I would go home for you... blah de blah"... This is american idol where the winner gets everything... the 5th place gets zip... ok a tour with AI but relatively speaking, nothing.

Chris did not have the voice. Glad he is gone. That cracking/nasely voice was torture. He looked like a pug dog too...

fetzer said...

It sucks that Phil is gone. I liked his personality and he was by far the best male vocalist left. Blake is trendy but his voice is nothing to write home about.

Anonymous said...

Phil will not have a country Music career. That genre requires a lot of authenticity which he lacks. He really does sound and act like someone pretending to be a singer. Chris and Blake both offered to go home for the other. I think they have a genuine friendship, but I like Chris a lot. He may not be the best singer of the season, but he has a real charm to him.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to win to get something out of American Idol. Anyone ever hear of Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken, Josh Gracin or Chris Daughtry? Give me a break. For some people, losing is the better way to go because they can then go their own way and still get a recording contract. Chris and Blake will both get contracts out of this season, I think.

Anonymous said...

Phil was my favorite by far. He has a great voice and will go far.