Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Omigod You Guys! MTV To Air Legally Blonde Musical

Elle Woods has been on film, she's been on stage, and now she's coming to MTV! is reporting that MTV will film two performances of the Broadway musical Legally Blonde later this month, and will air the show in its entirety on September 29.

This is a pretty historic move for both Broadway and the cable station. Never before has a show been aired on television while it is still on the boards. According to the story, cameras will be placed onstage in addition to shooting from various locations in the theater to give the audience as intimate a viewing experience as possible.

MTV says, "We know how iconic the film version of Legally Blonde is for our audience and the musical's positive reception shows that those same die-hard fans have no problem supporting its evolution to the stage," while Legally Blonde producer Hal Luftig adds, "MTV's endorsement of a show on this level is unprecedented and will benefit the industry as a whole as Broadway continues to expand its audience. This is a great match and we could not be happier."

I saw the show back in the spring, and it's great fun -- definitely a perfect fit for MTV. Could this be the start of new partnerships between the Great White Way and the boob tube? Only time will tell...

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