Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Clarkson Drops Out of Top 50 on Album Chart; Daughtry and Underwood Remain

Without a single being played on the radio, Kelly Clarkson's My December dropped out of the Top 50 on the album chart this week. Hopefully with the release of "Don't Waste Your Time" Kelly will get some airplay, and her CD will start to move a few more copies.

As for the other chart regulars, Daughtry rode the strength of his latest single "Over You" to almost 21K albums sold at the #28 spot, while Carrie Underwood, whose new album comes out next month, sold about 12K copies for the #48 spot.

The chart was topped again by the soundtrack to High School Musical 2, which sold just shy of 200K copies. The rest of the Top 5 consisted of Casting Crows, Young Joc, Hannah Montanta and Fergie.


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