Monday, September 03, 2007

Entourage Finale: That's a Bummer for Vince

I have such fond feelings for Entourage, and all of the boys, that I've tried to resist the feelings that this season has been just-okay. It's not been painful, just sorta dull -- not too funny, not too sharp, basically not too engaging. I was hoping that the season finale would redeem the season, and at least send Vince and the boys off on a good note.

Not so much.

First there was the totally bizarre Johnny-falls-in-love storyline. It was too ridiculous to be sweet, and too drawn out to be funny, so, um, what was the point? It also left Turtle without a sparring partner for much of the episode, although Jerry Ferrara was, as always, lovably always-around. Watching Ari spin his wheels and try to create buzz for Mediian was fun, and Constance Zimmer is a perfect sparring partner for Jeremy Piven, but there was one major thing missing -- a happy ending.

Not every show needs to have a happy ending, of course, but Vince has had it rough now for a few years, and if we are to believe in this guy's artistic instincts, he needs to produce something worth watching. Supposedly he was pretty good in Aquaman and Queens Boulevard, but he ruined his chance to be in the sequel to the former and the latter got screwed up in editing, and it looks like Mediian is a piece of dung. I love Vince, and I love Adrian Grenier, but I'm having difficulty rooting for him. It's like watching a sports team that keeps losing -- at some point it's not so fun to watch anymore.

So, I'm disappointed Mediian didn't turn out to be an artistic triumph for Vince. Hopefully next season he'll get back on the horse. Hey, it worked for A-Rod...

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1 comment:

T said...

I thought it was a good ending to have the picture bomb and then have the Harvey character that bought the movie for a dollar, say that eric was right and there was genius there if it is cut right....I think that the back half of the season we will see Vince really on top with a huge hit.

I agree with you about the Drama "love" thing but I got a kick out of the love for his Viking Quest character in France.

Hug it out...