Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Top 8 Performances: Chris Richardson

Now this is the performance I have been waiting for from Chris -- soulful, sexy, and, most importantly, credible. Nice work, Chris! (Although I do wish he had taken J Lo's advice and taken the song up a notch)

Now, I can't say he completely avoided the Timberlake-isms (the performance did evoke JT's "Senorita" just a bit), but when he loses the vocal tentativeness and performs with confidence the guy has really got it going on.

I think I've fallen back in love the boy!


1. Blake Lewis
2. Chris Richardson
3. Jordin Sparks
4. Phil
5. LaKisha Jones
6. Melinda Doolittle
7. Sanjaya Malakar
8. Haley

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