Monday, April 23, 2007

Ranking the 7th Place Finishers

There's been a lot of carping that Season 6 is the weakest talent American Idol has ever had, and while I have a strong hunch that this may actually be true, the best way to figure that out for sure (or as close to "sure" as we can get) is by seeing how the eliminated contestants from each season stack up against each other. Thus, as I have done the past couple of weeks (and will continue to do throughout the season), I have ranked each season's finishers, to see how they compare to each other. It's time for the 7th Place Finishers, with, Sanjaya Malakar, the most recent eliminee, unsurprisingly coming in at #6.

Please note, rankings are determined on American Idol performances only, not on what they have accomplished since their time on the show.

1. Jennifer Hudson (Season 3)
Best Known For: Huge voice; getting evicted from the show way before her time
Best Performance: "Weekend in New England" (Top 7), "Circle of Life" (Top 9) and more
Worst Performance: If I have to say one, I'd say "Heat Wave" (Top 10)
Post-AI: I think she won a little award...what's it called again...oh yeah, the Oscar! Recording debut album for release later this year

2. Anwar Robinson (Season 4)
Best Known For: Nice-guy music teacher who could sustain a note to end a song like it was noboday's business
Best Performance: "What a Wonderful World" (Semifinals)
Worst Performance: "I Believe I Can Fly" (Top 10)
Post AI: Served as co-chairman of theUnited Way of Essex/West Hudson County Celebrity Read Program; visit for more information

3. Ace Young (Season 5)
Best Known For: Season 5's resident hearthrob
Best Performance: "Father Figure (Semifinals), "Tonight I Wanna Cry" (Top 9)Worst Performance: "We Will Rock You" (Top 8)
Post AI: Showing up at various Hollywood events looking pretty; co-wrote part of Daughtry's hit "It's Not Over"; visit for more information

4. Kimberly Caldwell (Season 2)
Best Known For: Season 2's resident "rocker"; fighting with Julia Demato during Hollywood week
Best Performance: "Knock on Wood" (Top 10)
Worst Performance: "Come to My Window" (Semifinals)
Post AI: Works as correspondent for TV Guide Channel, hosting, among other things, Idol Chat; has been working on an album with Randy Jackson for years

5. Ryan Starr (Season 1)
Best Known For: Making her own barely-there clothing; first-ever Idol "rocker"
Best Performance: "Flim Flam Sauce" (Semifinals)
Worst Performance: "You Really Got Me"
Post AI: Reality show staple, with appearances on Surreal Life, amongst others

6. Sanjaya Malakar (Season 6)
Best Known For: One word -- hair.
Best Performance: Easily "Besame" (Top 8)
Worst Performance: Um...the rest?
Post AI: He's already been to the White House correspondents dinner -- who knows what's next?

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