Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hit the Road Clyde - Dancing with the Stars Results

I've gotta admit, these days it takes me about 12 minutes to watch the Dancing with the Stars results show. I don't know, maybe I've got reality tv overload, but I'm finding it a bit hard to stomach bits like the audience reaction segment and the Jimmy Kimmell moments. If that makes me a bad blogger, so be it. I am who I am.

I released my finger from the fast forward button enough to watch Lisa Rinna give a totally adequate performance of "Roxie" from the musical Chicago. In terms of reality show-turned-Broadway stars, though, she ain't no Fantasia, I'll say that much.

And speaking of Ms. 'Tasia, Macy Gray showed up to remind us who the original squeaky voiced soulstress is, giving a strangely truncated rendition of her latest single. I love me some Macy, but this performance barely registered.

As for the elimination, it is neither a surprise nor is it disappointng to see Clyde go (I'm certainly glad it wasn't Heather who got the boot -- I've really been enjoying her performances). After Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith, Clyde had big athletic shoes to fill, and he just didn't put in enough effort or have enough charisma to fit the bill. See ya later, Clyde.

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