Monday, February 04, 2008

CMT's Gone Country: Surreal Life + Nashville Star = Nothin' But Goodness

Marcia Brady is batsh*t crazy!

I checked out CMT's new show Gone Country this weekend, where seven music "stars" (Twisted Sister's Dee Snyder, Bobby Brown, "Thong Song" singer Sisquo, American Idol runner-up Diana Degarmo, Wilson Phillips' Carnie Wilson, Julio Iglesias Jr, and the Brady Bunch's Maureen McCormick) work with country legend John Rich in an attempt to, as the title suggests, "go country."

And lemme tell you -- it's quite entertaining.

This show is part celebreality trainwreck, and part music competition, and although the contenders are far from the peaks of their popularity, most have proven singing chops. Though we didn't hear any of the potential Carrie Underwood's sing in the first episode, we did find out several nuggets of goodness, including the one I opened this post with -- that Marcia Brady is a total lunatic. She came into the series with waaaay too much energy, proceeded to cry at several moments throughout the premiere, and became instant BFF's with Bobby Brown. Huh? Who knew (a) she could sing (although it's yet to be proven that she actually can), and (b) that she had totally lost her mind since the 1970's? I certainly didn't!

The former Mr. Whitney Houston made his entrance in grand style -- in a private jet! Shouldn't he be saving his money now that his main source of income is gone? Dee Snyder was a bit of a mess, too -- he's an admitted control freak, and at one point he started screaming into his microphone that he needed coffee. I mean!!

The rest of the folks seemed pretty normal by comparison. Though we haven't heard anyone croon a country tune yet, if I had to put money on someone I'd go with Diana Degarmo, who knows from live singing from her stint on Idol and was always pseudo-country anyways. Apparently, she thinks she's going to win as well -- she said her biggest problem may be "overconfidence!"

Has anyone else seen this show? Thoughts?

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