Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Atlanta's American Idol Auditions Bring More Tragic Backstories, Questionable Judges Decisions and a Real Rock'n'Roll Girl

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Phew...we've finally arrived at the end of the initial round of American Idol auditions. Holla!

True, we still have to get through tomorrow night's "Best of the Rest" episode, but we've made it through seven cities, so that should be a piece of cake.

As for tonight's show, as has been the case with most of this season's episodes, it featured, in fairly equal parts, absurdly tragic backstories, shady judges' decisions, and some actual talent.

Let's start with the first category -- the sob-stories. I thought the single mother with the handicapped child from a few weeks back was gonna take the cake this year, but from here on out no one will be able to top Asia'h Hepperson, whose father was killed in a car accident as she was on her way to her audition! I mean! How she had the strength not to just show up, but to actually smile and perform, is beyond me, but she sounded great, and she definitely showed she can deliver under pressure. But girl, take a vacation and some time to grieve!

The night's other tearjerker was adorable Josiah Leming , who lives out of his car. Yeah, his car. It's unclear whether this is by choice or out of necessity, but that's neither her nor there -- either way, it still pulls at the heartstrings as he starts to cry about how lonely he is. He doesn't have a bad voice (athought he possesses a weird English accent), and he sure is lovable, but there's no way this kid is making it to the finals. It was just one questionable decision made by the judges, like...

Joshua Jones! They had to make this kid turn around so they didn't have to look at his eyes popping out of his head, he still didn't sound great, and yet they put him through? Come on! Same thing goes for Brooke Helvie. This girl really isn't any different than 90% of the girls who audition for this show, except for the fact that she is totally and completely annoying. Sure, she didn't sound terrible, but you just know this girl is gonna cause trouble with her group during Hollywood week and then we'll never hear from her again. Just watch.

Fortunately, Atlanta did have some real talent, namely Alexandra Lushington and Amanda Overmyer. The former, only 16 years old, laid out a fierce version of "My Funny Valentine" that featured a sort of old school urban flair. Loved it. Overmyer, meanwhile, just may be the real deal. The show's never really had a genuine rock'n'roll gal (I'm sorry, Kimberly Caldwell or Gina Glocksen don't count), so she may be the unique, original talent this show is looking for. I love the huskiness in her voice, and she sounds like she can really hit the notes. Watch out for this one.

Just one more episode and then we're off to Hollywood!

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