Tuesday, February 05, 2008

American Idol's Top 12 Guys Take to the Stage

American Idol's Top 12 guys take to the stage tonight for the first time, and I couldn't be more psyched!

Will David Archuleta and Michael Johns cement their frontrunner statuses? Will David Hernandez, Chekeize Eze, Danny Noriega and David Cook make good on the promise they've shown in earlier auditions? And what will it be like when we finally get to hear Jason Castro, Jason Yaegar, Garrett Haley and Luke Menard sing?

Just a few hours left!

As a reminder, here are photos of the Top 12 guys...

Chekezie Eze

Colton Berry

Danny Noriega

David Archuleta

David Cook

David Hernandez

Garrett Haley

Jason Castro

Jason Yaegar

Luke Menard

Michael Johns

Robbie Carrico

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