Sunday, July 27, 2008

Which Former Idol Had the Best First Half of 2008?

2008 is a little more than half over, so I thought now was as good a time as any to rank the former American Idol finalists on their year so far. Here's my top 6...take the poll below and let me know who you think has had the best 2008 so far.

1. Jennifer Hudson
Even though she kinda stank up the screen, a role in the smash hit Sex and the City, a song on the soundtrack and her own album on the way keeps this Oscar winner at the top of the heap.

2. Jordin Sparks
Three hit singles help make up for the fact that her album has still not gone platinum. Major sympathy for vocal nodes drama. PS. I'm obsessed with "No Air"!

3. Carrie Underwood
Hit single after hit single, along with increased exposure in the celebrity weeklies, have made this girl one of the hottest stars around.

4. Chris Daughtry
Despite no Grammy wins, the band is quietly still producing hit singles and selling tons of records. Can't wait until their next album.

5. Kelly Clarkson
Despite no love for My December, a Grammy nomination and a successful tour with Reba McEntire means this girl is far from gone.

6. Clay Aiken
Revitalized his career with a well-received stint in Broadway's Spamalot and an album of new material. So what's next for Mr. Aiken?


Lisa said...

If that is the order you are ranking in them... WHAT??

How Jennifer Hudson and Jordin could have had a better year than Carrie, I don't understand. The girl is EVERYWHERE. Her songs are EVERYWHERE. I can't turn on my TV without seeing her Nintendo DS or Vitamin Water commercials.

Anonymous said...

Overrating JHud again and ignoring Carrie winning another Grammy and ACM Female VOTY, getting a rare membership into the prestigious Grand Old Opry, and establishing herself as a successful headlining act. Vitamin water and Nintendo endorsements, multiple buzzworthy AI appearances,ongoing sales of 2 records, and stuff like that illustrate Carrie's true dominance of 7/12 of the calendar year.

Anonymous said...

Carrie has to be the clear winner her. She just doesn't slow down. She's the cream of the Idol crop so far. Katharine McPhee has had a good first half of 2008 also,she filmed her first movie, signed for her second movie, signed for her second major lucrative product endorsement in two years, and has been in the studio with David Foster recording her sophomore album. But yeah, Carrie should be the clear winner here.

kfccanada said...

HmmmmmIf you don't count polishing off a major symphony-backed Christmas tour, a trip to Mexico at Xmas for UNICEF, rushing off to NYC for a smashing stint in Spamalot...followed two days later with the release of a terrific album of all original songs with subsequent multi promotional appearances and another najor trip to Somalia/Kenya for UNICEF....guess our guy, Clay Aiken, has done nothing to compare with Carrie Underwood et alle; however, I don't think anyone else is close to being on his level.

Anonymous said...

Clay fans can ballot stuff polls but only buy 154K copies of his latest cd. Hmmmmm.

kfccanada said...

Interesting that you bothered to keep track of that magic number, Anonymous...guess I was too busy viewing Clay montages.

Carrie's 'Whenever You Remember' was a terrific song choice for one of them....

After listening to some of her videos on Youtube, I suggest her fans buy better video and sound equipment if they're going to keep uploading her concerts.

tennie said...

Again ,I will say CLAY AIKEN is tops in this field. There is NO comparison to anything he has done & is doing. He is one of a kind in singing, meeting & greeting fans after each concert ;great humanitarian;just a wonderful caring person.One you would be proud to call friend.His foundation is growing by leaps & bounds;His work with UNICEF &his bringing attention to the world about horrendous conditions around the world & here at home ,I think, outweighs any song one might get up on stage to sing .He is walking the walk & talking the talk.

Anonymous said...

I must say that Clay Aiken has accomplished beyond what a former can.. Apart from bringing joy to his fans.. he reach out to the ppl in Somalia.. Being an artist & such a kind soul at the same time.. He definitely had the best 1st half of 2008.. Cheers!~ =)

Anonymous said...

Well, if anyone knows how to STUFF this ballot box, please let me in on the secret. I got one vote, and that is all that was allowed. There are SOME polls with unlimited voting such as on the AI site, but this is NOT one of them.

I agree Carrie has had phenomenal success in the music world and has the faithful backing of the media, to say the least. Clay does everything on his own, and has to buck nasty remarks and jabs along the way. It makes no difference to them that he is a wonderful guy with a superior voice. He does so much work for charity, and is truly the perfect example of an IDOL. Believe me, he was stupendous in Spamalot, and Broadway recognizes true talent when they see it. He won the best replacement for males this year, and deserved it.

I think both of them are highly talented, and if Clay had media support, he would clearly be on top of the world!!!

clayisasweetheart said...

I definitely agree that Clay would be selling tons more CD's if he had even a fraction of the backing that Carrie, Kelly, Chris and the other idols have from the music industry & radio stations and if his CD's were actually available in stores for purchase.

Many people I know that like his voice and wanted to buy a CD have told me they couldn't find any in the stores. Unless you are internet savy and actually are avidly following Clay's career, you probably wouldn't even know that Clay has released 4 albums, a DVD, appeared on Broadway and done 9+ concerts in the last 5 years as well as visited multiple disaster areas and underdeveloped countries to assist with relief efforts, while at the same time managing to build lots of new camps & provide awards/inclusion for children with disabilities and assisting with many other charities along the way.

Clay is an idol in EVERY sense of the word, a true hero to not only his fans, but to the families & victims that he so graciously donates his time & money for.

Clay is the former idol that had not only the best of the first half of 2008, but the best of the last 5 years since he appeared on the show. He always steps to the side and lets the light shine on others.

I only voted here once also, but Clay definitely deserves to have millions of votes in every category he is in. He has EARNED the respect & admiration fans give him, not had everything GIVEN to him like the rest of the idol alums. It's about time Clay got some positive recognition from the entertainment industry.

Anonymous said...

Clay has done it all without the support of AI. The last time he was on the show for finale that was all anyone talked about was him. If they had Clay on the Wed before the CD was released he would have sold the most not Diamond. His support in Unicef and his Foundation speaks volumes about his character. Don't see others spending all their time doing these things. And he's a broadway star now too!! He's the best all round entertainer to ever come out of Idol!! Too bad the media does not see how great he is on the inside as well as talented.