Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MTV Legally Blonde Winner Bailey Hanks' Version of "So Much Better" Enters Itunes Chart

A little more than 24 hours after announcing one winner, MTV and Legally Blonde: The Musical have another winner on their hands.

Winner Bailey Hanks, who begins performances as Elle Woods in the Broadway musical this evening, recorded a version of the show's "So Much Better" that has entered the itunes Top 100 songs chart at #76 (as of 7/23 9:15AM EST*). In addition, the show's original cast recording has jumped to #4 on the chart, beating out all other Broadway shows, including Mamma Mia.

Since itunes sales factor into the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it is very possible that Hanks could be the first "Broadway star" to hit the Hot 100 with a showtune in quite some time.

(An interesting note -- Bailey's version of the song is in a lower key than Laura Bell Bundy's version. Hmmmmmmmmmm.)

I can't lie -- I was rooting for Autumn (the runner-up). Or even Lauren (the fourth place finisher). But in the end, Bailey is probably the best person to succeed Laura Bell Bundy. Though not the best singer or dancer the Great White Way has ever seen, she really is the part.

And it's a good thing -- 'cause she's playing it starting tomorrow!

Sure, her biggest strength is that she looks like a carbon copy of Bundy, and she's clearly studied her predecessor's performance enough to appear competent in the role. But at least she's not an embarrassment.

Right? Right?

Oh -- and in case you haven't heard, Lauren is understudying the role of Elle on tour, Autumn will understudy Bailey on Broadway and perform in the ensemble, and Rihannon will play sorority girl Margot on tour. So there's enough "Blonde" to go around!

*itunes ranking will be updated throughout the day

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