Monday, July 14, 2008

The Annoying Older Woman Never Goes First: Why Big Brother 10's Renny Might Be Spared

Think back to the first week of Big Brother 9. Come on, it's not that hard -- it was less than 5 months ago! Who would you have guessed would be the first houseguest eliminated?

Be honest -- you answered Sheila.

As we all know, despite spending 95% of the first episode complaining, Sheila did not become the first person evicted, and in fact lasted until the very end of the game. What does this mean for her counterpart Renny, who has already pissed off more than one houseguest?

Don't get me wrong -- we're not comparing apples and oranges here, as Sheila and Renny are annoying in very different ways. Sheila's was loud, off-puttingly mopey and had no patience for her partner; Renny is just off her rocker. It must also be taken into account that Sheila was not playing the game by herself -- she was partnered with eventual champion Adam.

However, in terms of initial annoyingness, I'd say they are both at about a 10.

Still...I'd be willing to wager that for at least the 2nd straight year, the most annoying female houseguest will not be the first person eliminated.

Will Brian go instead? While whiny Jesse was nominated alongside Renny, it appears as though ol' Jerry has had a change of heart, and after winning the Power of Veto himself, he replaced Jesse with Brian. Dumb move? Perhaps. But it will likely end up saving Renny, as the other houseguests will undoubtedly convince themselves that Brian is a much bigger threat than Renny is, using the well-worn logic that a straight white guy could be smart and strong, while an annoying older woman doesn't pose a threat.

Unless, of course, the houseguests decide Renny is just too annoying, and has to go. In which case this whole argument will have been for naught.

Guess we'll have to wait and see...

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