Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ranking the SYTYCD Top 14: Mia Michaels is a Genius!

There was some great dancing on tonight's Top 14 episode of So You Think You Can Dance, but the real of the star was, without a doubt, Mia Michaels.

Actually, that's Emmy Award-winning Mia Michaels to you.

How she continues to continually create brilliant pieces of art week after week is beyond me, but thank God she does, because I am a better person for watching her creations. She moves me.

Katee and Joshua's devastating duet, and Twitch and Kherington's dazzling bed composition, were both innovative and totally infused with passion. Mia brings out the very best in her performers.

And she also cracks me up. Without saying a word tonight, she basked in the response to her, acknowledging it with a bright smile that seemed to say, "Yes, I know. I'm a genius." Love it.

As for the rest of the evening, there were highs (Will and Jessica's sensational contemporary piece, Twitch and Kherington's paso doble) and lows (Kourtni and Matt's hip hop and mambo, Comfort and Thayne's Broadway), with a whole lot in between (just about everything else).

I will say that I enjoyed the sheer amount of dancing, especially after last week's talk-a-thon. If only American Idol were so in tune with what it's audience wanted to see.

Will the popularity of Will save Jessica yet again? Has Kourtni's early potential been completely squandered? Has Thayne smiled his last smile? Check back tomorrow for my thoughts.

For now, here's my rankings of the Top 14:

1. Twitch and Kherington, Contemporary
2. Joshua and Katee, Contemporary
3. Will and Jessica, Contemporary
4. Twitch and Kherington, Paso Doble
5. Chelsie and Mark, Fox Trot
6. Chelsie and Mark, Jazz
7. Joshua and Katee, West Coast Swing
8. Courtney and Gev, Broadway
9. Will and Jessica, Jive
10. Comfort and Thayne, Smooth Waltz
11. Courtney and Gev, Hip Hop
12. Comfort and Thayne, Broadway
13. Kourtni and Matt, Hip Hop
14. Kourtni and Matt, Mambo

Click here for Individual Rankings of the Top 14

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Anonymous said...

I do not agree with your rankings for once!

I hated the WCS... maybe because I love sarah and pasha's soo much!

I would move Courtney and Gev's dances the jazz before hip-hop...

I didn't love the paso-doble...

meh... I guess everything else was just blah!

The night was weak for me!

Anonymous said...

I thought Katee/Joshua's Contemporary was soooo much better than the Twitchington one. It had no dancing in it whatsoever, just emotions, and Kherington hiding behind the bed for about half the routine (remember this is her genre). Katee and Joshua's performance was so strong and powerful that it moved me. It was just so touching that when I watched them, I just had a tingly sensation going on inside me. It was THAT good. Best performance on the show? Possibly...