Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD Choreographers Wade Robson, Shane Sparks and Mandy Moore Nominated for Emmy Awards

Not only does their work provide "oohs" and "ahs" for the at-home audience, but now three So You Think You Can Dance choreographers can add an Emmy Award nomination to their list of feats.

Last year's Emmy champ Wade Robson (who shared the award with High School Musical's Kenny Ortega and fellow SYTYCD choreographer Mia Michaels) picked up a nomination for his "Hummingbird and Flower" routine, featuring Hok and Jamie. Mandy Moore, meanwhile, grabbed a nod for her "Table" dance to "Sweet Dreams" with Neil and Sabra, and Shane Sparks was nominated for the dance "Transformers" (who knew that was what it was called??) to the song "Fuego" (featuring Lauren and Pasha).

What -- no love for Mia Michaels? What about her brilliant Lacey/Kameron routine?

The three SYTYCD choreographers will go up against two-time Dancing with the Stars champion Julianne Hough, who was recognized for her mambo routine with Helio Castroneves, and Kenny Ortega, who was nominated for his work on High School Musical 2.

Stay tuned for more Emmy news...


Elite 8 Matches are now live! Click on any match-up to vote.

Allison vs. Lacey

Benji vs. Neil

Travis vs. Danny

Nick vs. Heidi


The first round of SYTYCD MADNESS: THE GAME is over, and the results are in!

Last year's champ Sabra went down to vote-in winner Allison, while Season 2 champ Benji fought off a charge by Ivan. Lacey was able to squeeze by Season 1 runner-up Melody, and Neil dominated Season 1's Jamile.

Fan-favorite Travis advanced easily over Pasha, and last year's runner-up Danny took out Season 2's Donyelle. First season champ Nick struggled with Natalie, but ultimately prevailed, while Season 2's Heidi had no problem with Season 1's Ashley.

Here are the results from the first round of voting:

Allison def. Sabra, 57%-43%
Sabra (Season 3) vs. Allison (Season 2)

Lacey def. Melody, 64%-36%
Melody (Season 1) vs. Lacey (Season 3)

Neil def. Jamile, 85%-15%
Neil (Season 3) vs. Jamile (Season 1)

Benji def. Ivan, 60%-40%
Benji (Season 2) vs. Ivan (Season 2)

Nick def. Natalie, 55%-45%
Nick (Season 1) vs. Natalie (Season 3)

Heidi def. Ashley, 79%-21
Heidi (Season 2) vs. Ashley (Season 1)

Danny def. Donyelle, 63%-37%
Donyelle (Season 2) vs. Danny (Season 3)

Travis def. Pasha, 74%-26%
Travis (Season 2) vs. Pasha (Season 3)

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