Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SYTYCD Top 6 Spoilers: Dance Styles, Choreographers and Couples Revealed!


You know the deal...don't read if you don't want to know!


Here are the couples, dance styles and choreographers for the So You Think You Can Dance Top 6.

Jazz (Sonya)
Vienesse Waltz (SYTYCD Australia winner Jason Glikison)

Contemporary (Tyce Diorio)
Paso Doble (SYTYCD Australia winner Jason Glikison)

Mambo (Tony Meredith)
Hip Hop (Napoleon and Tabitha)

My goodness, Chelsie certainly does luck out by getting the Latin dances, doesn't she? Will Twitch rise to the occassion, or will he count on his hip hop skills to carry him through? (By the way, this will be the third time Twitch has gotten hip hop, not including the week he got krump). Will the return pairing of Josh and Katee create the same kind of sparks they set off earlier in the season? And can Courtney and Mark crack the Top 4 with strong performances? Guess we'll have to wait and see!



carol said...

Jason G wasn't the Australian SYTYCD winner. That was Jack Chambers. Jason is a ballroom champion and choreographer who choreographed quite of few of Australia's SYTYCD ballroom routines. It seemed like he is one of Australia's top choreographers from the contestants reaction to him.

Drew said...

Based solely on the styles of dance and pairings, I think Mark & Courtney have the most difficult road ahead of them.

Twithch & Chelsie could be a bit of an odd pairing, but each having one dance in their own style could be a great advantage.

And Joshua & Katie know each other, and I expect magic; though the choreography could be a big wild card for them.

Also, I have to wonder why they are relying on two dances from the Australia winner? And Tyce and Sonya? At this stage in the game, I would expect to see some great choreography from the best -- where is Mia Michaels, whom I love as a choreography but loathe as judge.

Drew said...

In light of Carol's comment, which was not posted when I made my earlier comment, and what it says in his playbill.com biography, I can understand why they would do two dances from Mr. Gilkison.

Though, I don't think that it changes my overall assessment other than to slightly improve my thoughts on Katie & Joshua.

I said...

Again...it seems as though the pairings were NOT random. *sigh* I hope not.