Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Spoilers: SYTYCD Top 12 Dance Styles and Choreographers (Pasha is Back!)


You know the deal -- don't read if you don't want to know, and take 'em with a grain of salt (though they've been correct four weeks running!) There's some interesting stuff on this list -- Bollywood, the return of Napoleon and Tabitha to choreography, and a welcome back party for Season 3 contestants Anya and Pasha. Holla!

Here they are:

Chelsie & Mark - Salsa (Alex Da Silva) and Broadway (Tice Diorio)
Comfort & Thayne - Hip Hop (Napoleon and Tabitha) and Contemporary (Mandy Moore)
Jessica & Will - Contemporary (Tyce DiOrio) and Quickstep (Tony Meredith)
Courtney & Gev - Cha Cha (Anya & Pasha) and Jazz (Mandy Moore)
Kherington & Twitch - Krump (Lil C) and Smooth Tango (Jean Marc Generaux)
Katee & Joshua - Viennesse Waltz (Jean-Marc Genereux) and Bollywood (choreographer ?)


Part one of the first round of SYTYCD MADNESS: THE GAME is over, and the results are in!

No major surprises in the first part of the round: fan-favorite Travis advanced easily over Pasha, and last year's runner-up Danny took out Season 2's Donyelle. First season champ Nick struggled with Natalie, but ultimately prevailed, while Season 2's Heidi had no problem with Season 1's Ashley.

Next up in round 1: champs Sabra and Benji, along with Ivan, Jamile, Melody, Lacey, Neil and Allison. Vote away!

The following matches are now live, and accepting votes through Tues July 15 at 11:59PM. Click on any match to vote.

Sabra (Season 3) vs. Allison (Season 2)
Melody (Season 1) vs. Lacey (Season 3)
Neil (Season 3) vs. Jamile (Season 1)
Benji (Season 2) vs. Ivan (Season 2)

Here are the results from the first part of Sweet 16 voting:

Nick def. Natalie, 55%-45%
Nick (Season 1) vs. Natalie (Season 3)

Heidi def. Ashley, 79%-21
Heidi (Season 2) vs. Ashley (Season 1)

Danny def. Donyelle, 63%-37%
Donyelle (Season 2) vs. Danny (Season 3)

Travis def. Pasha, 74%-26%
Travis (Season 2) vs. Pasha (Season 3)

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