Monday, July 14, 2008

SYTYCD's Jessica Is Injured; Will Be Replaced by Comfort in Top 10

SYTYCD contestant Jessica has been injured, and will be replaced by Comfort in the Top 10, Nigel Lythgoe revealed at the Television Critics Conference in Los Angeles this morning.

Grrr, why couldn't she have hurt herself weeks ago? (Mean, I know.)

In a statement released by Fox, Lythgoe said, "“I would like to say how sorry I am that Jessica cannot continue dancing in the competition at the advice of her doctor,” Lythgoe said in a statement released by FOX. “Her full recovery is paramount and will only come with rest.”

Do you think this will affect the voting, or was Jessica a goner this week anyways? Should she be allowed to tour, or should Comfort take her spot? Discuss below.


Drew said...

I am not really a fan of either Jessica or Comfort, but, between the two of them, I marginally preferred Jessica. Comfort never had a "wow" moment for me, and I found something about her rather off-putting. Also, whether I like someone or not, this is not how you want to see someone removed from the competition.

As for the tour, you raise a great question. I feel like Jessica "earned" her spot in the top 10 and on the tour, and the current injury should not change that. This is especially true if Comfort gets booted right away. If Comfort lasts a couple of weeks, though, then I think she should get a spot on the tour.

One other question I have is when the injury happened and how it affects the training. I feel really sorry for whomever the partner is to have to relearn the routine with a new person in an even more compressed time.

Anonymous said...

She made the top ten, she should be allowed to tour...however, it was posted on EW that she has been eliminated from the 50 city tour...


Anonymous said...

I heard she was injured throughout the whole competition, if so she should have said something on the first elimination night instead of letting other dancers get eliminated when she would eventually have to quit anyway.