Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ranking the SYTYCD Top 8: Katee Once Again On Top

While there was only one clunker among the performances on last night's Top 8 episode of So You Think You Can Dance, I can't say I was quite as excited by the group as the judges seemed to be.

Here's how I'd rank the Top 8:

1. Katee/Twitch -- Contemporary
2. Chelsie/Joshua -- Argentine Tango
3. Chelsie/Joshua -- Disco
4. Katee/Twitch -- Broadway
5. Courtney/Will -- Samba
6. Courtney/Will -- Hip Hop
7. Comfort/Mark -- Hip Hop
8. Comfort/Mark -- Fox Trot

1. Katee
2. Joshua
3. Courntey
4. Twitch
5. Chelsie
6. Will
7. Mark
8. Comfort

1. Katee
2. Joshua
3. Chelsie
4. Twitch
5. Will
6. Courtney
7. Mark
8. Comfort


Anonymous said...

I totally disagree... I hated Mia's contemp...

Twitch did not dance at all...

I did not like the disco either...

I hate comfort but her hip-hop with Mark was my favorite routine!

Lisa said...

Goodness... You are SOOOOOOO Mia Michaels' bitch. LOL.

I thought the Mia routine was fun and had a few cool things in it, but it started off as like... no dancing. A tad bit overrated, IMO.

And I agree with the poster above... you completely underrated Mark and Comfort's hip-hop. It was FANTASTIC and about 10 times better than that dreck they dreamed up for Will/Courtney's hip-hop.