Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Officially Over Twitch and Five Other Things I Learned From the SYTYCD Top 6

Watching tonight's So You Think You Can Dance episode, featuring this season's Top 6 dancers, was surprisingly educational. Here are seven things I learned:

1. I am officially over Twitch
From the annoying Superman-esque t-shirts, to the mini-breakdown last week when it was announced he was in the Bottom 2, to the gimmicky gold teeth tonight, I am done caring about the "street dancer." (I use the term "street dancer" liberally, considering he danced in the movie Hairspray, which was directed by tonight's judge Adam Shenkman -- read DANCING ON BROADWAY, INDEED: TWITCH WAS IN THE MOVIE 'HAIRSPRAY') Sure, he's had some serious highs on this show (Mia Michaels' bed routine) and he's undoubtedly gifted when it comes to hip-hop, but at this point in the competition I'm looking for more than that. Sorry big guy.

2. Cat Deeley will do anything
I am a little obsessed with Ms. Deeley this season. Her willingness to do whatever it takes to put a smile on the faces of the judges, contestants, and audience is totally endearing, and she gets more and more gorgeous every week. But she took a big step over the line tonight by putting Twitch's saliva-coated gold teeth in her mouth. Ew...I shuddered just typing that. Cat, learn where the line is. 'Kay babe?

3. I love the Viennese Waltz
Once upon a time, before the days of So You Think You Can Dance, I thought the waltz was boring and for old people. While I'm not completely sold on the Smooth Waltz, I have officially become a devotee of the Viennese version. From Danny and Lacey's triumph last year, to Mark and Courtney's beautiful performance this evening, the dance never fails to let me down. Who knew?

4. Chelsie can do anything. Anything.
Pretty self-explanatory. In fact, she's so good I'm afraid she's going to fall prey to what will now be known as "Will syndrome." Did you call and vote for her? Did you?

5. Mary Murphy has officially become a caricature of herself
That prolonged scream tonight sent her right over the edge. Tone it down, Mary. Just a notch.

6. Courtney gives good solo
Week after week she performs with strength and emotion. Could she surprise everyone and make it to the finals? I'm thinking it's a definite possibility.

7. Katee and Joshua have better chemistry than any other couple in SYTYCD history
Sure, Benji and Donyelle were dynamite, Melody and Nick had charisma galore, and Sabra brought out the best in everyone she danced with. However, none of those couples complemented each other so perfectly, fit together so well, and created so much heat on the dance floor as Josh and Katee. Separately they are great -- together they are transcendent.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good lord. Get over the Twitch thing. I'm pretty sure about a 150 people danced in 'Hairspray'. And there is a BIG difference between Shankman and his TEAM of choreographers putting Twitch in the movie amongst MANY MANY others who they might not know very well and Debbie Allen being Will's MENTOR.

He may not be the best dancer on the show, but I find him so much more entertaining than Joshua. Josh is only exciting to me when he is with Katee.

You have become way too bitter.