Thursday, July 31, 2008

SYTYCD Top 6 Elimination Prediction: Too Close to Call?

In four years of watching So You Think You Can Dance, I can't remember a season where it was so unclear which four dancers would make it to the finals.

But that's not going to stop me from trying to guess!

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Safe: Katee
In Danger: Chelsie, Courtney

Neither Katee or Chelsie has been in the Bottom 2 yet this season, yet Courtney gave two very strong performances last night -- what does that mean? I'm thinking Katee's stellar work with Joshua will propel her into the finals, which leaves the blonde and the brunette to battle it out for the second spot. While Chelsie has probably had a stronger overall season, and the former SYTYCD contestants she reminds me of (Ashley, Heidi) made it to the Final Four, I'm concerned that her consistency might actually work against her. Courtney, on the other hand, is an underdog of sorts after her Bottom 2 showing last week, but does she have enough of a following to make that final leap? As much as I love her (and her solos), I just don't think she does.

Safe: Josh
In Danger: Mark, Twitch

At this point my feelings on Twitch are abundantly clear (READ: I Am So Over Twitch and Six Other Things I Learned From the SYTYCD Top 6), but I'm still not entirely convinced he'll be the one going home tonight. Joshua's remarkable work, combined with the fact that he has yet to appear in the Bottom 2, makes him a shoo-in for the Finals in my eyes, but Mark's up-and-down journey throughout the Top 10 is the real wildcard here. Both of his performances last night were great, but does he have enough support to knock of Twitch-man? On this one I'm going to go with a tentative "yes."


Eliminated Girl: Courtney
Eliminated Guy: Twitch

Eek. Thoughts?

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Drew said...

I agree with your assessment that it is too close to call, and I will be disappointed with whatever girl leaves tonight.

That being said, I am not sure that I would put Katee in absolutely safe territory. Her dances with Joshua were great, as I expected they would be. Her solo, though, was kind of flat in my opinion. Compared with Courtney, who dances a similar style, Katee just was not in the same class. I agree completely about Chelsie's solo -- it just does not work to do female ballroom solo (for some reason, the male solos have not seemed to suffer from this quite as much; I wonder why?). In the end, I don't want any of them to leave.

With the guys, I agree that Joshua should be safe. Twitch was awful in the Mambo -- terrible frame and footwork -- which was incredibly apparent when paired with Chelsie. Also, his part in the paired hip hop was not that great. Chelsie did really well to "keep up" with him, but I think it also showed the extent to which he was not doing as well as he could. And those teeth in the solo. They turned me off (even before that horrible moment with Cat, which I do not hold against him). I was so excited that he came back and really loved some of his work with Kherington, but as of late he just has not done it for me.

Mark, on the other hand, has continued to surprise and improve. He, at the moment, is dancing like he is living on borrowed time with nothing to lose, and he is shining for me in a way that I did expect. While I do not think his solo was great, I would probably flip him and Twitch in your list.

So, for the guys, I think you are right on in your prediction.

Anonymous said...

Last night was the first time I've voted this season. After the past two weeks, Joshua has become my favorite. :)

I think that Josh & Katee will be safe. I think that Chelsie and Mark will be going home, though, rather than Twitch and Courtney.

Last night's show was great, though ~ and all of them did a fantastic job. :)

Michael said...

I agreed and wanted your assessment to be true; however, sadly, two of my favourite dancers this season got the shaft. I'm happy to still have Katie and Will in the running, but my dream finals would have been the two of them WITH Chels and Mark... :(