Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ranking the SYTYCD Top 6: Couple, Solo and Overall Rankings

There was remarkably good work on tonight's Top 6 episode of So You Think You Can Dance. You can read I am Officially Over Twitch and Six Other Things I Learned From Tonight's SYTYCD for more of my thoughts on the show, but here are my rankings of the Top 6:

Couples Dances:

These rankings are always influenced as much by the choreography as by the dancers themselves, but in some cases that doesn't actually work in a couple's favor. Take, for instance, Chelsie and Twitch, who were handed amazing choreography that Chelsie executed flawlessly, but due to Twitch's weaknesses it fell to the bottom of the pack. Courtney and Mark, meanwhile, were presumed DOA coming into tonight's show, but a stellar performance of Sonia's startlingly inventive choreography could end up buying them a trip to the finale. Tyce aped Mia Michaels' work, and it worked, while Napoleon and Tabitha provided clever but not particularly substantial material for Chelsie and Twitch. Australian choreographer Jason, though, gets newcomer kudos of the night for his stellar Viennese Waltz and Paso Doble. Quite impressive!

1. Courtney and Mark, Jazz
2. Katee and Josh, Contemporary
3. Katee and Josh, Paso Doble
4. Courtney and Mark, Viennese Waltz
5. Chelsie and Twitch, Hip-Hop
6. Chelsie and Twitch, Mambo


Courtney continues to give better solo performances than her peers, Joshua showed Twitch how to really hit a solo hip-hop routine, and Chelsie, unfortunately, suffers from the same problem Lacey and Anya had before her -- a solo ballroom performance just doesn't work. Mark, meanwhile, continues to be uninspiring when he takes to the stage by himself.

1. Courtney
2. Josh
3. Katee
4. Chelsie
5. Twitch
6. Mark


Josh and Katee brought out the best in each other, and as such finished at #1 and #2 this week. Despite not ranking higher than 4 in the previous two categories, Chelsie still snags the #3 spot based on her strong performances in both couples routines. Her partner, meanwhile, is at the bottom of the pack, just above Mark, who he will likely be standing next to tomorrow tonight. With three of the four girls in the Top 4, I'm sure to be disappointed by the results. But -- which girl will it be?

1. Josh
2. Katee
3. Chelsie
4. Courtney
5. Mark
6. Twitch

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