Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SYTYCD Top 8 Spoilers: Couples, Dance Styles and Choreographers


You know the deal!


Here are the dances, couples and choreographers we will see on tomorrow night's So You Think You Can Dance:

Mark & Comfort - Foxtrot & Hip-Hop (Napoleon/Tabitha)

Joshua & Chelsie - Argentine Tango & Disco

Twitch & Katee - Contemporary (Mia Michaels!) & Broadway (Tyce Diorio)

Will & Courtney - Samba & Hip-Hop (Napoleon/Tabitha)



Final Four Matches are now live! Click on any match-up to vote.

Travis vs. Heidi

Neil vs. Allison


In the battle of the brothers Travis came out on top with almost 20% more of the vote. He'll face off against Heidi in the Final Four, who pulled off a big upset win over Season 1 champ Nick Lazarrini. Nick wasn't the only former winner to fall -- Benji went down to Neil in a very close battle separated by only 5%. Neil is now the only Season 3 representative in the Final Four, as Lacey went down to Allison by a considerable margin.


Anonymous said...

Comfort gets hip hop again? What?!?

Anonymous said...

Courtney has not had her own genre since top 18!!!!

This is bullshit!!!!

Anonymous said...

And why two hip hop routines in one night with only eight dances, anyway? How about tap or another country or pas de deux or quick step or...anything!

Although, I do love Napoleon and Tabitha's choreography and they will probably make them quite different, anyway.

Katee has Broadway for the third time!

Anonymous said...

Just shows that it is random.

Anonymous said...

This will be Katee's 3rd broadway routing with Tyce D'orioriorio-im-a-crappy-choreographer. Ugh.

I predict the boot of Comfort/Mark this week...that pairing is way too bizarre to complement each other.

Alida said...

Here's the thing...

I just started watching the show, never vote...but what I am starting to think is that we all start believing that the "top" dancers don't need votes...i.e.: Kerrington...also, Courtney too - I think she should've been around for top ten! People start voting for the underdogs, thinking they would need some votes, they overvote, and the top dancers, KERRINGTON/COURTNEY are "assumed to be safe"



Anonymous said...

I don't, either!!! VOTE FOR MARK!!!

This show is totally rigged. hip hop for comfort again?

And mark getting paird with the worst dancers?


Anonymous said...

Mark is in trouble.. comfort will make him look really bad. And comfort gets hip hop again.. surprise! Don't tell me that isn't fixed...

Anonymous said...

the problem is will and his teacher-debbie allen. there is almost an unwritten rule on the show-do not criticise a choreographer. will is a great dancer but surprise! there are other great dancers on the show who, unlike will, have personalities. the judges have skewered others for not having a personality but not will. why? because debbie allens rep is on the line. the shilling for this -pet rock- is appalling and tragic. Mias comments to wills former partner a few weeks ago were terrible! so- how far will the judges shill for Will at the expense of the true stars on the show will be embarrassing to watch.

Barbra said...

To Anonymous:
Don't you think you are getting way too carried away? Calm down. No, there are no conspiracies and I wish people would stop that. Don't you think after 4 seasons, if the random hat-picking were rigged it would have leaked by now? They pick the dances on Thursday night, after the results show in front of the studio audience! This is only Comfort's 2nd hip-hop this season, not counting last week because *she* didn't pick hip-hop, Jessica did. I'm not a Comfort fan at all but it also doesn't threaten me in the least that she is in her genre again. Also, your comments about Will are unfortunate. You insult the integrity of Debbie Allen, Nigel, Mary, and all the judges by implying that they would pump Will up - undeservedly - just because Allen was his mentor at one time. Will gets pumped because he is EXCELLENT, but Nigel also mentioned his personality last week as something to work on. Calling him a "pet rock" is just ugly. Would you have the courage to perform and take critiques from the judges and millions of people? You won't even put your name on this board. He is doing what he loves and doing it well, it is not his fault the judges love him. He isn't paying them under the table or something. I agree that Mia's comments to Jessica were just terrible, but that isn't his fault either. Mia has always been outspoken and Jessica obviously wasn't proving it to her. Over the seasons I've seen her go at plenty of the dancers, Pasha, Benji, Heidi, Dominic, Kameron, etc. She has no couth sometimes but that's just Mia. This is a TV show and meant to bring joy, please don't ruin that with conspiracy theories and name-calling. I'm sure you will disagree, but I've said my peace.

Anonymous said...

This show is my favorite summer television, but this season has been a bit suspect. Will should not be on the show. It seems as if the judges are championing Will, Katee, Joshua, and Chelsie all the way to the final 4. Does it matter if we vote? These so-called phone it shows are suspect. I just sit back and watch the dancing/choreography.