Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gaius Charles and Scott Porter on the Bench for Friday Night Lights Third Season

According to Michael Ausiello at EW.com, Friday Night Lights stars Scott Porter (Jason Street) and Gaius Charles (Smash Williams) have been demoted to recurring status for the show's third season, which debuts on DirecTV this fall.


What are your thoughts on this? Will you stop watching the show? Or as long as they keep Matt Saracen and Tim Riggins around, will you be alright? Post your thoughts below.

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Anonymous said...

It had to happen...a series based in a high school will have to have rotation of characters. The real shame is that I can conceive of no good way to combine the end of this seasons "football season" (with Smash crying in the locker room) with the new season.

What I see them doing is

a) phasing out Porter with the wheel chair olympics
b) giving some type of recap of last season (through flashbacks) that gives us a sense of how last year finished up
c) Having Flash score big in class and on the field in college in a new season
d) brining in some new guys to take on lead roles, and then...
e) In season #4, you bring back Charles recruiting Riggins or someone to come to his college...