Thursday, June 14, 2007

SYTYCD: Who is Going Home Tonight (Top 20)

You can read my recap of last night's show here, but here are my predictions for the Bottom 3 couples of the evening, and which male and female dancer will be sent packin'.

Bottom 3 Couples
Faina and Cedric
Shauna and Jimmy
D-Trix and Sabra

While Ricky and Ashlee were probably the worst couple of the night, I think Ricky's strangeness will actually work to his benefit, as it made him stand out on a packed full episode. Hok/Jaimie and Neil/Lauren also didn't have great performances, but I think they'll be spared by pre-existing fanbases.

Eliminated Boy: Jimmy
D-Trix and Cedric will likely wow with their freestyles, which means Jimmy will probably get the boot. With so many other contemporary dancers in the competition (Danny, Neil, Kameron), Jimmy just doesn't stand out.

Eliminated Girl: Shauna
Faina is certainly in danger of joining her brother Stanislav as a first week evictee, but Shauna's dancing was so uninspired during her Broadway routine, I'll be surprised if the judges are able to overlook it.

So there it is, my first predictions of the season. We'll see how I do in about six hours...

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