Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spoilers for Tonight's So You Think You Can Dance

The pairings for tonight's Top 20 episode of So You Think You Can Dance, along with the styles of dance that will be performed, have leaked online.


Anya & Danny — Jive
Pasha & Jessi — Smooth Waltz
Neil & Lauren — Club Salsa
Chuy & Sara — Pop Jazz
Cedric & Faina — Hip Hop
Jaimie & Hok — Hip Hop
Sabra & D-trix — Disco
Shauna & Jimmy — Broadway
Lacey & Kameron — Contemporary
Ashlee & Ricky — Argentine Tango

Apparently, the choreography of Shane Sparks, Wade Robson, Mia Michaels (love her!), and Tyce Diorio are all featured, among others.

A few thoughts:

-Ballroom dancers Anya and Pasha both chose ballroom styles, which bodes well for them. Fellow ballroom-ers Faina and Lacey, however, could be in a bit of trouble -- Faina will have to tackle hip hop, and Lacey will have to attempt the one style of dance her brother Benji never did -- contemporary. Should be interesting.

-Hok certainly lucked out selecting hip hop, while D-Trix should be able to apply his funky style to disco. I think b-girl Sara should do alright with pop jazz, as well.

-I'm looking forward to Neil and Lauren's club salsa -- they seem like a well-matched couple, and the dancing could be hot.

What do you think of the pairings? Styles? Who do you think will be the first couple to tank?

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Gina said...

Hey that's cool, how did you get the info before the show? Good to know! I'll be checking out your blog more often. My recap is going up in 30 min when the show ends, check it out! :) I have lots of interviews too. Hopefully, I'll be getting SYTYCD interviews too.