Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rumor Mill: Will Survivor Go All Star Again?

According to Marc Berman over at Mediaweek, there is a rumor circulating that next spring's edition of Survivor will be an all-star edition. The show's first all-star edition, featuring the likes of Richard Hatch, Susan Hawk, Ethan Zohn, and Jenna Morasca, took place in 2004 . Of course, this was the version of the series that was won by Amber Brkich and led to the reality television ubiquity of "Romber" (Brkich and Rob Mariano).

Here's my question -- would the new all-star version only include contestants that have appeared on the show since the last all-star version? Because here's the thing -- I can't remember any. Sure, if I wracked my brain I could come up with names like Tom Weston and Yul, and I know Fiji's participants Earl, Yao Man, and Dreamz. But, really, there haven't been the kind of characters in recent seasons that are as memorable as the ones who populated the show's first several seasons. I mean, who can forget Colby? Or Rupert? Or Kathy? If I, a loyal viewer of the show since the beginning, can't immediately summons the names of contestant's from the past few seasons, I can't imagine the casual viewer will find another all-star edition very interesting. Does CBS expect this latest version to be a hit?

Or maybe it will be open to all-stars from all seasons, allowing for some repeat participants. In other words, bring back Ethan!!

Stay tuned for more info on the all-star version as it comes in...

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Gina said...

I talked to Fairplay a few months ago & he told me that CBS is DEFINITELY looking to do an All Stars 2 & he'll be part of it. I think that we'll see Yul, Tom, Ozzie, Stephanie, Bobby Jon in All Stars 2. I'd also like to say: I CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT!

Sue said...

I agree that I'm not ready for All Stars chosen only from the post-All Stars candidates. Survivor was my favorite show. I wanted to anticipate every booting in advance.

I used to watch Survivor while taping it to relive it a month or so later. I watched last fall's season only from the videotape. This spring's season I taped and flushed without watching.

I'm so tired of watching young recruited wannabees from California.

Eliminating almost all the women early didn't help this past season. The emphasis on hidden immunity idols, particularly the ones this year that caused holder to be a target, blows. This last season was even worse because the haves won all the immunity challenges and all but one reward challenge. The only characters from this season I would want to see more of would be Michelle and Yau-Man. They were both bounced on stupid twists.

I believe that Ozzie would have won last fall if it weren't for the final 3 instead of the final 2. Giving Yul a pass all the way into the finals was too much.

Why would I want to watch All Stars with the blah characters and twists that made me sick of the show in the first place?

I'm not ready to see Bobby Jon and Stephanie this soon.

I hate the elimination/reward challenges where the team wins and still has to eliminate a player. What is the point of winning.

I'd like to see some stronger, likable and more colorful female players on an All Stars than those that are available and not overexposed from only the last few seasons. Unfortunately, male players have been the only ones in possesion of the hidden immunity idols. By the way, I have no particular bias in favor of female candidates. It's just that I remember only 1 female winner since All Stars.

As an aside, I could live a long time without seeing Fairplay again. Aren't they bending the rules if they pull in a Pearl Islands player into a new All Stars? He could have played with Rupert on the first All Stars.