Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SPOILERS: Dance Styles For So You Think You Can Dance Top 16

You know the drill -- if you want to be surprised, stop reading now!

Here are the dance styles for tomorrow's Top 16 show:

1. Jesus & Sara: Krump
2. Cedric & Shauna: Contemporary
3. Kameron & Lacey: Quickstep
4. Danny & Anya: Hip-Hop
5. Dominic & Sabra: Rumba
6. Neil & Lauren: Tango
7. Hok & Jaimie: Jazz
8. Pasha & Jessi: Cha Cha



Anonymous said...

Cedric is screwed. Shauna will probably be amazing as that's her style, but the more amazing she is, the more it will show how weak Cedric is at any other style but his own. He really needs to GO.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! the dreaded quick step for my favorite couple Kameron and Lacey. They're so screwed!

Anonymous said...

I actually think this is a great draw for Cedric. Contemporty is pretty flexible, if they get a good choreogropher I think this could be a good night for Cedric.

Hopefuly Kameron and Lacey will surprise us (I'm crossing my fingers). Pasha should be great at Cha Cha.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to see how Anya and Danny do with hip hop as they've been so strong the past two weeks but both their previous dances were in ballroom, which is her main strength. If they can pull off hip hop, then I think they will be the ones to beat.