Thursday, June 21, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Who Will Be Eliminated Tonight?

You can read my recap and rankings from last night's show here, but here are my predictions for the Bottom 3 couples of the evening, and which male and female dancer will be sent packin'.

Bottom 3 Couples
Faina and Cedric
Shauna and Jimmy
Hok and Jaimie

In my opinion these were the three weakest couples of the night, and will also be the three couples dancing for their lives. There's no doubt Hok has a large fanbase, and it's possible the Hok-ites could have saved him and Jaimie last night, but I'm guessing their uninspiring samba will land them in the danger zone. If Hok's supporters do spare him, it's possible Neil and Lauren could slip into the Bottom 3, or even, despite a surprisingly solid showing last night, D-Trix and Sabra. But one thing is for certain -- Faina and Cedric's names will most definitely be called.

Eliminated Boy: Cedric
Cedric was hands down the weakest individual of the night, and definitely deserves to get the boot, but my beloved Mia Michaels is the wildcard here, as she is sure to fight for Cedric. Will his freestyle save him again? Hok's tricks always dazzle, so if Mia does throw her weight behind Cedric, expect Jimmy to be shown the door.

Eliminated Girl: Jaimie
Faina is in danger tonight -- she was sensational doing the fox trot, and if her freestyle is even half as good as the number she did last week, she'll definitely be around next week. Shauna has given two so-so performances, but she's improving slightly, so that may be enough to earn her another week, which leaves dumb-as-bricks Jaimie as the likely evictee.

Does this sound about right to you? Who do you think will get the boot?

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