Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Recap and Rankings: Top 16

Another evening of great dancing on So You Think You Can Dance, with some drama thrown in on the side. Gotta love Wednesday nights!

Debbie Allen is on the panel tonight, and she's got lots to say. No seriously, a lot to say. Is it just me, or did the woman go on and on? No matter, really, since (a) she was in Fame , (b) she was pretty entertaining, and (c) she even offered Cedric a scholarship to her dance academy (although something tells me he reamed Nigel out for prompting her to do so on the commercial break).

As a side note, I kind of love the judging panel on this show. Choreographers are used to having to explain what works and what doesn't work, so there is an eloquence that is completely lacking on American Idol. So bravo, Nigel, loopy (but remarkably coherent) Mary, and the rest of the gang.

As for the drama -- Jessi Peralta has been rushed to the hospital, and Nigel, in a weird, sinister way, reports that her EKG was not normal. Oh yeah, and if she isn't better in 24 hours she's cut from the competition. This is the dance world, people -- no time for feelings.

Here's my rankings and comments...check back tomorrow morning for my prediction of who will go home.

1. Pasha and the old fat lady
Ok, to be fair, she's probably not fat, she just seems rotund compared to the Barbie dolls on this show. But enough about her -- how about that Pasha? Ooh baby, baby. He was clearly in his element here, and was sexy as all get out. I was never really into Dimitri last year (the European ballroom archetype), but I am most definitely into Pasha. And I hope Jessi is better by tomorrow -- as much as she is not my favorite, this would be a pretty shitty way to leave the competition.

2. D-Trix and Sabra
Ok, I am officially on the Dominic bandwagon. That rumba was hot! And D-Trix looked mighty fine filling out those tight pants, I must say. I can't figure out what to make of Sabra -- I love her when she is dancing, but I can't connect to her when she's not. Regardless, this rumba hit all the right spots.

3. Hok and Jaimie
Last week these two were my least favorite couple -- tonight, they blew me away. Shows what a different style of dance and a fierce choreographer can do. Wade Robson said he wanted to create his own kind of ballet, and he did -- it was pretty genius. Hok was spellbinding, and Jaimie, who is probably my least favorite in the competition, was, I must admit, beautiful to watch. Can Wade just choreograph all the dances?

4. Shauna and Cedric
Actually, Wade can choreograph half of the dances and Mia Michaels can choreograph the other other half. Loyal Idol Thoughts readers know I am kind of obsessed with Mia Michaels (I even signed up for her mailing list at, so any dance she has created I am most likely going to love. And she did not disappoint tonight, bringing a beautiful story of goodbyes to the stage. Shauna was luminous (I even had visions of last season's Allison while she was dancing), but Cedric once again dropped the ball. He was emotionally moving (his crying moment was quite nice), but he just didn't match the energy and level of technical prowess Shauna was bringing to the stage. All in all, though, a beautiful piece.

5. Lacey and Kameron
Quickstep is boring. Yeah, I said it. However, for a quickstep, this performance was surprsingly enteraining. Both Lacey and Kam looked especially dashing tonight, and I am starting to think that while Danny and Anya may have the most technical prowess, these two are the most versatile -- they haven't faulted yet.

6. Sara and Jesus
I expected Sara to excel at this style, but Chuy was a very nice surprise. I bought him as a crumper, and I enjoyed this performance. I'm worried that because they performed first in the evening they may get lost in the shuffle, though, and find themselves dancing for their lives tomorrow night.

7. Anya and Danny
Last week's number one couple took a dive this week, finishing just outside of last place. What happened? They weren't bad, per se, they just were completely un-believable as a hip hop pair. Danny's dancing was beautiful, but I didn't buy for a second that they weren't a contemporary and Latin dancer attemting hip hop. I don't think they are in danger of going home, but I also think they've shown they are fallible.

8. Neil and Lauren
I want to love them so bad -- Neil is absolutely adorable, and Lauren clearly has tons of potential. So why haven't they dazzled me yet? Neil showed signs of life last week during hip hop, but this tango, while technically well-danced, was far from sexy. And it wasn't for lack of trying -- they were making the faces, but the soul of the dance wasn't there. They need some contemporary, so they can show what they can do. Otherwise, I'm afraid they might not last.

Individual Rankings:
1. Pasha
2. Dominic
3. Hok
4. Shauna
5. Sabra
6. Jaimie
7. Lacey
8. Jesus
9. Kameron
10. Sara
11. Danny
12. Lauren
13. Neil
14. Anya
15. Cedric

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