Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Shocker: Jesus and Jessi Eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance

Another week, another shocker on So You Think You Can Dance.

I'm not surprised that Jessi Peralta was given the boot last night -- in fact I predicted she would be eliminated even if she was well enough to dance, which she was. Her performance with Pasha was fun to watch (although, to be honest, I preferred the version he danced with Bette Midler the night before), but what was up with that solo? She dug her own grave on that one, as she barely moved during her 30 seconds of performance time. To be fair, none of the girls (save, perhaps, Anya) was especially impressive during their solos, but Jessi was definitively the weakest. She seemed shocked that she had been eliminated -- she shouldn't have been. All she had to was read Idol Thoughts and she would have known she was going home!

While Jessi's elimination didn't ruffle me, it was the elimination of Jesus that got me a little emotional. Granted, he was facing off against Neil and Danny, two of the competition's strongest dancers, so despite the fact that he hasn't misstepped once throughout the competition, the judges did make the right choice. It's just a big ol' bummer that we're stuck with Cedric for one more week, while a beautiful dancer (with a beautiful spirit) is sent packing.

I guess all is not fair in So You Think You Can Dance.

Also not fair (or right) -- Fergie's outfit and obviously lip synched performance. Enough with Fergie on these shows -- she was on the SYTYCD finale last season, she showed up on Idol. I'm over her.

Remember, no show next week -- the Top 14 will be back to dance on July 11 at 8PM.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sad that Jesus was eliminated - he was one of my favorites! I thought his solo was great last night - just as good as Neil's. Even though Cedric is most likely still on the show because he is inspiring lots of kids to get out there and dance, Jesus is doing the same thing with kids from his neighborhood PLUS he is an amazingly talented dancer already. I was very surprised and disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Anya didn't move at all either except a few spins...pfft. Jessi should not have been eliminated. pop locking is a pretty difficult thing to do. i'd like to see you try it. She wasn't even given an explanation of why she was eliminated and i think the problem with her heart has a lot to do with her going home too. She was one of the top dancers and definitely not one of the worst.

Anonymous said...

No way! Jessi, in my opinion, has been a dancer that stands out this season. It's been a while since I've seen a girl who can isolate her body parts with such precision. Pop'n is so hard... You have no idea!!! On top of what she does, she has performed amazingly every week. I think the judges took the easy way out by giving her the boot. Damn tv production politics.

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Lauren for not dancing for 20 seconds out of her total 30 seconds to dance for her life. Plus, the girl has done nothing in 3 weeks. She gotten a couple of half-hearted good comments and more than a few negative comments. We're 3 weeks in and she has yet to give a standout performance unlike Jessi who ripped it up with Pasha the first 2 weeks.

Cmc said...

Whilst watching last week's episode with some friends as I do every week because, yes, it is very serious to us. That being said, and given Nigel's abrupt cut of Jessi with minimal drama, the conspiracy theorists that we are we choose to believe that her "collapse" was more so a fall from grace. I'd like to think it was a night of overdrinking but perhaps it was a mini cocaine bender...It just seemed fishy to me. Jessi was a great dancer...