Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Kelly Clarkson Day! Kelly's Album In Stores Today

After what has seemed like years of controversy, Kelly Clarkson's My December is available for purchase today!


Check back later for a full review of the album. Here's a preview of my thoughts...it's different, and I love it!

Support the artistry! Buy Kelly's CD!

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Joshua said...

Hooray!! Ok, I'll admit it: I have purchased more than one copy. Just...a few more. :)

The first was a pre-order on Amazon to help with the sales rank and because it was exciting that it was finally available a few months back. Then another one on Amazon as a gift..(My Mama loves her some Kelly!). Of course thanks to the stupid pre-order only bonus track, I had to buy the 'deluxe' version on iTunes...and then how can you resist going to Virgin Megastore at midnight to be among the first to buy?

I don't usually go to such extremes. I only had two copies of Breakaway; original and foreign import. Here's hoping to a #1 debut!!! (Can't wait for the Official Idol Thoughts Track-by-Track Review!)