Monday, June 04, 2007

Ten To Watch Out For on So You Think You Can Dance

This week on So You Think You Can Dance we will see the 200 contestants who made it through their initial auditions head to Las Vegas to work with various choreographers in an attempt to make it onto the show's Top 20. Perhaps we've seen the winner dance already -- perhaps not. As is the case with American Idol, there is always the chance that a great contestant was not featured in the initial auditions. Consider, for example, that we didn't see last year's 4th place finisher Heidi until Vegas week (and only then did we see her as "Benji's cousin"), and we only saw a snippet of runner-up Travis Wall.

With all that said, here are nine individuals (and one pair) I think we'll be seeing much more of in the next couple of months:

-Caitlin Cucchiara, the 18-year old who was the first to audition in Atlanta.

-Tony Velez, who is a "b-boy'er" ("not a breakdancer!") and claims to learn choregraphy for a living

-Brandon Norris, the first clogger to ever make it through to Las Vegas.

-Lauren Gotlieb, the 18-year old who last year assisted choreographer Tyce.

-Chuy Solorio, the lyrical hip-hopper who was cut in Las Vegas last year.


-Lacey Schwimmer, the sister of last year's champ Benji. I'm not blown away yet, but if she's anything like her brother, she'll squeeze her way in.

-Faina Savich, who is the sister of last year's Top 20 member Stanislav

-Ballroom dancers Pasha and Anya. Hot hot hot.

-Ashley Keegan, who has been taking dance for six years from Katie Watts (who, while a solid dancer, does not possess the natural gifts of her young student)

Remember, any of these individuals could crash and burn in Vegas, and any number of other individuals could end up shining. I guess we'll have to wait until Wednesday to see what happens!

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Anonymous said...

To be honest, I wasn't blown away by Pasha and Anya -- thought their moves could have been "crisper." I agree with the rest of your assessments, however.

Anonymous said...

Morgan, the girl from Wisconsin that did a leg-holding cartwheel thing, is awfully young but awfully impressive.