Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bon Jovi Tops Album Chart

Bon Jovi grabbed it's first-ever #1 debut on this week's album charts, moving around 285K copies. Not bad for a few guys from New Jersey!

They were followed by The White Stripes and (212K) and Brad Paisley (197K).

Daughtry (#17) dropped 34% for a total of 37K albums sold, while Carrie Underwood (#21) fell 23% for 31K albums sold.

Next week Kelly Clarkson enters the chart...hopefully at #1!

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Anonymous said...

I read at wikipedia.com that in the UK, Kelly had very strong sales and it will debut at least #2. So hopefully she will be #1 in the US. But a lot of people are predicting that she will have strong sales the first week and maybe the next week. Then sales will drop drastically.