Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are Dancing with the Stars' Helio and Julianne a Couple?

On my way into work this morning, two of my colleagues stopped me to gossip. Not about fellow co-workers, mind you...about Dancing with the Stars.

"Are Helio and Julianne dating?" they asked me.

Well, hmmmmmmmmmm. Let's consider the evidence:

-About two weeks ago, Helio gave an interview to TV Guide where he admitted that his fiancee was having a difficult time being away from him and watching him get intimate on the show, but he stressed that there was not anything going on with Julianne.

-The next episode, their dance performance ended with a kiss.

-In this week's finale, their performance ended with a looooooooong kiss.

-It's been announced that Helio and his fiancee (who did not appear in any of multitude of clip packages shown during the finale) have broken up.


Now, remember, after Apolo and Julianne's victory last year there were rumblings that they were doin' the nasty. (I, for one, never believed it.) So take everything you read with a grain of salt, but there does seem to be something curious going on.

Something to keep in mind, though:

Romance = buzz = US Weekly coverage. These stars know that.

I'm just saying.


kara said...

Helio is a playboy. You could tell he was "after" Julieann with rides in his hot car, he balloons, and the kiss. He so disrespected his finace and girlfriend of 6 years who he had proposed marriage to. She's 19 years old for goodness sakes Helio, you creep. I hope Julieann gets out of there as fast as possible. WHERE's sweet ONO when you need him!!! I like

anamule said...

"After" her? PUHLEEZE--all that stuff is set-up by the DWTS people.

Unless you personally know Helio or Ali then you don't know what really happened to end their engagement.

How dare you call Helio names! He is the furthest thing from a "creep"

They are a cute couple and a dynamic dance team but I don't believe for a minute they will end up together. Julianne is too immature for him. They live in two VERY different worlds.

For now I believe they are both basking in the warm glow of their accomplishments on the dance floor.