Thursday, November 29, 2007

The #1 Best So You Think You Can Dance Performance of All Time Is...

After a very long and drawn out process, I am ready to identify the #1 Best So You Think You Can Dance performance of all time (for #'s 12 through 2, please click here).

And the #1 dance of all time is...

Heidi and Travis' Contemporary Dance ("the park bench"), choreographed by Mia Michaels!!!

Loyal Idol Thoughts readers (as well as Emmy voters, who gave Michaels the statue for her work on this piece) won't be shocked by this choice -- time and again I've cited this dance (to Celine Dion's version of "Calling You") as how powerful performances on this show can be. Everything about it works -- the music (gorgeous), the choreography (dazzlingly innovative -- check out Travis as he slides down the bench), the emotion (the look on Heidi's face as Travis "leaves her" is simply heartbreaking), and the performances (neither Heidi nor Travis was ever better than they were during this dance). I could watch this number over and over again -- and I have!

So, there it is...the #1 dance of all time. Now that the list is complete, what are your thoughts? Did I leave off one of your favorite dances? Did I include something you hate?

And stay tuned for the 15 Best American Idol performances of all time, which I will unveil in the weeks leading up to the new season.

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